The Red Green Show

Season 11 Episode 1

New Job In Town

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red states that finding small wheels from trailers inspired him to modify a trailer so it acts as a hovercraft by mounting high speed fans on the sides of a trailer in place of the tires. With the fans hooked into the Possum Van's generator, Red starts up the van and with the trailer hovering a few feet off the ground, Red drives away.

At the lodge, Red states that Possum Lake council is looking to promote the area and will be hiring a full time PR person to do the job at what Red figures is a good salary of fifty thousand dollars and an easy job. Dalton and Mike and Dalton asks Red if he's thinking of applying for the new PR job and Red says he's considering it. Mike says the job requires the successful applicant has to have a proposal for an area promotion and Red says he'll suggest declaring the area as the mosquito capital of the world. Dalton and Mike are also applying for the job and all three hurry off to do just that.

For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Winston to say the word ' Ambition ' for the prize of a free style and set.

Next, Red sets up an automated dog wash styled off a car wash. After cutting two dog houses in half, Red runs lengths of hose inside them with the first house's hose attached to a window water washer bottle filled with dog shampoo. With the shampoo dispenser controlled by a dog bone hung from a string and a sprinkler spraying water onto the dog, the dog would move on to a hockey stick that turns on a leaf blower that acts as a dog dryer. Finishing the project, Red calls a golden lab through the gauntlet and moments later, it comes out clean as Red figured.

For his advice corner, Red talks to middle aged guys who own garages and whose wives think they are cluttered. Red says that garage clutter is not a mess but is in fact history and an easy organization system to remember.

Back at the lodge, Red says he didn't get the job and figures Mike got the job, which Red can't figure. Mike enters and says he didn't get the PR job and figures Dalton got it, which Red and Mike both think is wrong. Dalton enters and says he didn't get the job either and the three speculate who go the job. Moments later, Dalton ushers in the new Public Relations director for Possum Lake county - Harold!

For the black and white segment, Walter is looking to put in a garden behind the lodge but the tiller he plans on using keeps stalling. Looking it over, he discovers the tiller is out of gas and retrieves a can of an unknown substance from a nearby tool shed to fill it with. Starting up the tiler, it roars off on its own and creates havoc as it moves. Finally, Red encourages Walter to release the unit and the tiller runs out of gas finally.

On the Repair Shop segment, Red tries to repair a garberator Dwight has brought in that he says jammed but he has brought the whole sink in as well as he couldn't be bothered to bend over. Red discovers a can and other kinds of trash in the garberator and confiscates the garberator from Dwight, who muses about building a catapult as he leaves.

In the next segment, Red talks about how to impress people that live far away by taking a picture of a fancy mansion and removing the part where the front door is located. After getting a friend to take of him in the doorway of an ordinary house, Red merges the two together and it looks like Red is standing at the front of an expensive house.

Back at the lodge, Red and Harold talk with Red still digesting Harold's return to the lodge. Harold says he's very happy to be back and says he missed everybody and Red says he missed Harold as well. Harold goes on to say that he'll promoting the lodge and there will be a lot of work to do. At the lodge meeting, Red announces Harold is back and the members applaud his welcome only after Red mentions the large salary that Harold is now making.