The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 16

Rain Man

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 17, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows a way to make a seat belt look like something from the days of youth when kids wanted to be cowboys. To that end, Red makes adjustments so the belt looks like a pretend ammo belt. Red heads out in the Possum Van but is almost immediately pulled over by the local police. At the lodge, Red says there is a big drought in the Possum Lake area with very little water anywhere. Harold enters and says the drought is the result of the lodge member's emissions from their vehicles but Red says the ozone doesn't make it rain. However, Red says that if they created the problem, the lodge will fix it by making it rain. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Dalton to say the word ' Flowers ' for the prize of a pass for a free visit to a leech farm. For Harold's Hobby House, Winston shows his hobby of collecting historical home decor accessories such as dishes and vases. Winston shows a turn of century candy dish and Wedgewood china dish from the early twentieth century and a nineteenth century sterling silver tea service. Winston sips a cup of tea from the set but spits it out when Winston mentions that he got all of the items from septic beds. In the next segment, Red shows how to turn an old fridge and stove into items usable by a teenager. Red removes the stove door, top and back and makes it into office chair with books stored in the stove storage compartment, the door reattached with a bungee cord to form the reclining part and the racks usable as a foot rest. Red suggests lining it with an air mattress but when he tries to use the burners as a reading light, the stove catches on fire. As for the fridge, Red turns it on its side and places it on a ledge to act as a computer desk with pen chains from a local bank to keep the door horizontal, ice cube trays for supplies and the ice maker can be used as a pencil sharpener. On his advice corner segment, Red talks about high definition television how it is being pushed on the older generation. Red says it's just another example of not being able to afford something until late in your life like open heart surgery and suggests buying what you can afford before that point on a credit card. Back at the lodge, Red says he's been researching how to make it rain with cloud seeding and shows a cannon he's built out of a number of metal garbage cans taped together and positioned upwards through a nearby window. Red goes on to say he's emptied about a thousand shotgun shells into the cannon, wired a remote detonator to the device that will be activated at a safe distance via a TV remote and starts adding chemicals to the cannon as Harold enters. Harold points out that Red has anchored the cannon on a high tension power wire just before Harold accidentally fires the cannon when he goes to check the television for any rain in weather forecasts. On the black and white segment, Bill, Mike and Ed do some camping in the outdoors by the lake. However, black flies and mosquitos quickly prove a problem and the men use different methods to get rid of the pests as Bill assembles the tent. They climb inside but realize the tent is pitched over an ant hill. With the tent quickly wrecked, they switch to zipping up tight inside sleeping bags but a tarantula entering the bags ruins that plan. They decide to paddle away in the canoe but agitate a nearby bee hive and are pursued by angry bees as they leave. At the lodge, Red admits his attempt to seed the clouds didn't work as the chemicals clumped together, splashed into Possum Lake and started foaming immediately. Harold enters carrying an umbrella covered in blue foam from the lake and says the concussion from the cannon caused an environmental reaction and it is raining in Port Asbestos with the rain heading for Possum Lake. At the lodge meeting, Harold says the drought is over and the members should stop drinking beer as a result, which is greeted with boos from the lodge members.