The Red Green Show

CBC (ended 2006)





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  • One of a very shows from North of the border I actually like

    'The Red Green Show' is a new find for me. I have seen it in the listings since we moved to Northern Minnesota but never turned it on until a few weeks ago. My first impression (which still holds to this day) of this show was Red Green was a combination of Tim Taylor from ' Home Improvement' and Al Bundy of 'Married with Children'. This is a simple show and after watching a few episodes began to realize that you either have had to from this part of North America (Frozen Tundra) or currently living here to really appreciate it. The show did lose some of it's charm when it was re-branded as the 'NEW RED GREEN SHOW'. The jokes became a little more predictable and were just not as funny as the earlier shows. Red Green airs on many PBS stations all over the United States but if it is not on your local PBS station than the next time you take a trip to the northern states, rest assured you more than likely find him on TV.