The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 14

Rites Of Passage

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 03, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows his own version of a navigation system for driving in the Possum Van. Red puts a tape recorder and a case with tapes that have recordings of Red dictating driving instructions to various locations frequented by himself. Selecting a tape for instructions to go to the post office, Red drives away, down a road and hits a road sign in the same manner as before. At the lodge, Red says that Junior Singleton tried water skiing without someone at the boat's wheel and it ended badly. Harold enters and says the Farnsworths are keeping Junior's boat as it ran aground on their property during their daughter's wedding celebration. Red thinks the lodge members should go over and physically convince Farnsworth to change his mind but Harold thinks it's better handled in the courts. Red thinks a court case could drag out for years, though, but Harold says a petition signed by all the other property owners brought to the city council that asks the Farnsworths to return the boat will resolve the situation in a non violent manner. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Mike to say the word ' Profit ' for coupon food for a bucket of chicken. On Harold's Hobby Shop, Ed talks about his hobby of collecting animal traps. Ed shows several examples of traps with one rusted open by urine and another trap that contains a cat but Ed says it's a raccoon as they're very clever. After Ed shows a lobster trap used to catch snowmobile gloves, he goes to show a Ratmaster 500 trap but gets his hand caught in it. Next, Red looks to amplify the sound from an accordion. With an old mini van for a vehicle, Red attaches a vinyl folding door to the power sliding door part with duct tape. Red mounts a toilet flapper valve over a hole in the van's floor to let air in and out and connected to the sliding door to activate it. After sealing the van with duct tape, Red climbs on the roof and mounted an accordion over the sun roof in a way that lets air pass through it. With the sliding door rigged to open and close without stopping, Red takes a seat on a stool and starts playing the accordion until the vibrations send the accordion hurtling off the van roof and land in a nearby toilet. For his advice corner, Red talks about going on a date as a teenager and friends always asking if you got " lucky " afterwards. Red says he ran into a childhood friend a while back and time has caught up on him and says good fortune smiles today on those who weren't lucky in their teenage years. Back at the lodge, Red says they had no luck getting people to sign the petition and that included the people who can read and write. Harold enters and says his petition requests were met with rude responses and Red says the members are going to be on the beach with signs that say Public Beach. Harold wonders if a protest march would do any good and as a tank passes by in the background, Red mentions that the members won't be marching. For the black and white segment, Bill enters a building and deals with various superstitions such as opening an umbrella indoors and walking under a ladder. Bill tries dealing with a bat using a tennis racket and a pillow case separately but the latter results in the destruction of a clock. Bill tries shooting the bat with a rifle and tries grabbing it but falls unconscious and dreams that he is the bat flying around. Bill awakes and finds BBQ chicken wings in his teeth that resemble bat fangs. Next, Red is outside and talks about re-seeding lawn on the lodge property last spring. In a flashback sequence, Red recounts how the large amount of grass seed needed on a tight budget led him to use a snow blower to spread the seed. With the flashbacks over, Red says a lesson learned from that, besides being creative, is to always clean your tools and lifts up a nearby tarp to reveal a snow blower clogged with large amounts of grass. At the lodge, Harold sees a tank pull up outside and Mike and Wins ton stagger inside. When Red enters, Harold asks him how things went and Red says things went fine until the items on people lawns slowed them down. Red does mention that they got Junior's boat back but it's under the tank. At the lodge meeting, Red says the beach property doesn't belong to anybody and that includes the lodge which means limited liability for everyone. With that in mind, Red says members should take anything that looks like it's going to blow up down to the dock.