The Red Green Show

Season 7 Episode 1

Running Of The Bulls

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 31, 1997 on CBC
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Running Of The Bulls
The gang at Possum Lodge stage a Running of the Bulls with the usual disastrous results. Red builds a Hummer out of 2 Hyundai Ponys on Handyman Corner and Bill and Red go camping on Adventures with Bill.

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      • Red: (advising older men on how men and women see relationships differently) Women see a relationship like a garden, you know? You got to put a lot of work into it. You got to fuss over it. You got to churn over the ground, add more flowers and a little fertilizer whereas men see a relationship like a car: once they've made a commitment to have one, they really expect it to go at least five years without any serious maintenance.

      • Harold: Uncle Red, you're just gonna get so terribly hurt. You actually think you can outrun an angry, charging bull?
        Red: I don't have to, Harold. All I have to do is outrun at least one lodge member.

      • Red: (singing) Oh, your kite got caught in the high-tension wire. You thought you could get it down. So you leaned your ladder up against the pole, and you heard a funny sound. You climbed and you climbed way up to the top where the ladder touched the transformer. You grabbed the wire to free your kite and you noticed your hand getting warmer. Oh, sparks flew out and away you went, with one arm noticeably enlarged. Now, normally the cops would make an arrest, but they can see you'd already been charged.

      • Harold: If anybody gets hurt, your name is Mud.
        Red: Harold, when I'm being chased by an angry bull, I'll take any name but Gord!

      • Red: No wonder Hummers cost so much. It's all the duct tape!

      • Red: Well, we got our two bulls and they're ready to go. So all we got to do is throw on our running shoes and start yelling, "Oy vay!"
        Harold: I think you mean, "Ole!"
        Red: No, these bulls are kosher.

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