The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 15


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 10, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red suggests a way to remove hair trimmings from a bathroom sink. Red applies gun powder to his face before shaving and after finishing, Red tosses a match in the sink which results in a loud BANG! and smoke. Checking the sink after the smoke dies down, Red sees it is spotless as he planned. At the lodge, Red says that a big hairy thing was spotted near Rock Reef Point and he plans to catch it on a video camera. Harold enters and Red tells him about the Sasquatch sighting but Harold thinks Red is just wasting his time. Red points out there is a twenty thousand dollar reward for catching the mythical figure on film and asks Harold to help him. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Bonnie to say the word ' Man ' for the prize of coupon good for a free weekend with a grizzly bear. Next, Ed, Mike and Red are out in the fishing boat and Ed remarks that he saw that a high school classmate had died and his reaction went from derision to depression. Ed figures he could die at any time but Red points out that since his class mate died young, Ed will die very old to keep the average life span balanced. On Handyman Corner, Red looks to build an energy efficient car. Red takes a children's sized car, removes the frame and replaces the engine with a floor polisher motor powered by a car battery running through an inverter. Realizing he needs more power for an adult driving the car, Red takes the chain and sprockets from a ten speed bike and sets up a chain drive for the car. Putting the frame back on, Red tries to take the car for a test drive but the car remains motionless as a large puff of smoke erupts from the engine area. Undeterred, Red replaces the car battery with a solar panel and switches the car body with a dog house frame and with that, Red starts up his car even as the dog whose house he borrowed goes by in the Possum Van. For his advice corner segment, Red talks about watching a stand-up comic and realizing that comedy is all about observations these days. Red says he misses jokes with punch lines and figures it is time they are brought back. Back at the lodge, Red says the Sasquatch hunt is ready to go though the lodge members are giving them a hard time. Harold enters dressed in a pink furry costume and thinks the outfit looks stupid but Red says it will look fine to the Sasquatch as Harold is the bait pretending to be a female Sasquatch. Red gets Harold to act out a possible Sasquatch encounter with him and as they pretend to embrace, Dalton enters, sees it and leaves in silence moments later. For the black and white segment, Red, Winston, Dalton and Mike go to the Possum Lake public school to play a game of indoor soccer against a student team. Red and the others think they will win easily at first but they wind up losing eleven to nothing. Next, Red shows how to access a lake for fishing even from a long distance away. He takes a flagpole and runs fishing line though the eyelets of the flagpole and connects to the back bumper of the Possum Van. After creating tension by winding the pole backwards, Red releases the line and sends the lure soaring over the trees and into the lake. When he senses he caught something, Red reels in the line but discovers that the fish he caught was eaten by cats as it was dragged through the neighbouring properties. At the lodge, Red and Harold enters and Red says things turned out badly. Red states that they were in the woods and things were set up good when a Sasquatch comes over, embraces Harold and they realize it's Buster Hadfield in a furry costume. At the lodge meeting, Red states that they should all realize that there is no such thing as a Sasquatch even as a furry person is shown on the lodge's main floor sneak in, steal the video camera and leave.