The Red Green Show - Season 11

CBC (ended 2006)



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Episode Guide

  • Duct Tape Forever
    Duct Tape Forever
    Episode 18
    When Possum Lodge is taken to court by big-shot executive Robert Stiles (Richard Fitzpatrick), whose limousine was damaged while parking at the Lodge, the boys are ordered to pay $10,000 in damages within ten days - or their beloved Lodge will become property of the town. Likely to give up their first born before they give up their lodge, the crowd puts their heads together and come up with not one, but three methods of raising the money. It is quickly agreed however, that selling chocolates door to door, or fire powered potato guns to children, may be too complicated. Ultimately, it is Harold who timidly suggests participating in the upcoming Duct Tape Festival in Minneapolis-St. Paul. There, a competition to create 'something' made of at least 50% duct tape, will garner the third prize winner exactly $10,000. Naturally, our boys band together and go for the bronze! Before long, a large Canada goose covered entirely with duct tape is attached to the possum van, and Red and the boys set out on their pilgrimage to save the lodge. Mr. Stiles has an ulterior motive however, and has enlisted Possum Lake's Sheriff (Darren Frost) and Deputy (Melissa DiMarco) to help prevent the lodge from coming up with money to pay the fine. Consequently, what begins as an enthusiastic road trip is soon plagued with mysterious roadside obstacles that threaten to prevent the boys from ever making it to the competition.moreless
  • The Making Of Red Green's Duct Tape Forever
    Highlights of the antics in front of and behind the camera during the making of Red Green's feature film "Duct Tape Forever." Interviews with the stars of the movie and an overview by Red of the various aspects of feature film production are featured.
  • Harold's Dilemma
    Episode 16
    The department Harold works for has a major cash shortfall and he decides to fix the problem by fixing up the lodge to make it a tourist mecca. However, Red is unhappy with this idea and tries to figure a way to get this proposal changed.
  • Masquerade Marathon
    Episode 15
    Mike tries to blend into a masquerade gathering to avoid a convict just released from prison who is looking for him.
  • The Fishing Derby
    Episode 14
    Harold releases a prize fish into Possum Lake for a fishing derby with the entrant who catches the fish receiving a thousand dollars. Red is determined to win the prize no matter what it takes.
  • Xmas In July
    Episode 13
    In a bid to attract more tourists to the Possum Lake area, Harold decides to hold a " Christmas in July " event and enlists Red and other lodge members to participate in a parade to celebrate it.
  • Mike Goes Straight
    Episode 12
    In an effort to rehabilitate his image, Mike starts working at a job as a bylaw enforcement officer. However, his zealous approach to his work soon has the lodge members in an uproar.
  • Daredevil
    Episode 11
    When a local daredevil backs out of a stunt to jump the lodge on a motorcycle in front of elderly spectators, Red and Harold get Mike to try the stunt in his place.
  • 12/14/01
    Winston looks to adopt a child so there will be someone to carry on running his sewage septic sucking business after he passes away.
  • The Chainsaw Races
    Episode 9
    Trouble arises when Red tries to hold chain saw races at the lodge on the same weekend that Harold is hosting a group of gifted children.
  • 11/30/01
    Mike thinks there is a ghost haunting Possum Lodge and enlists a skeptical Red in helping him to catch the spirit.
  • Y2 Cans
    Episode 7
    Looking to raise money for a new shed for the lodge, the men decide to sell rusty unlabelled food cans left over from the Y2K scare.
  • Viva Las Possums
    Episode 6
    Harold stages a fifties weekend at Possum Lake, which culminates in an Elvis impersonation contest.
  • Dalton's Hot Gift
    Episode 5
    Mike gets Dalton a new barbecue for his birthday. Red believes Mike stole it from Dalton's store. Red demonstrates an economical way to make an automatic garage door opener. This week's adventure has Winston getting rid of a beehive. In the word game, Harold tries to get Red to say 'celibate'. Nervous Animal Control Officer Ed Frid brings a fox to show the audience. Red shows us how to use a golf club to clean up our yards.moreless
  • Back To Nature
    Episode 4
    As part of his new job, Harold rents out the Lodge to what he thinks are a group of Senior Executives from a naturalist organization, but who are actually just old nudists. Red shows how you can attach an automotive supercharger to the human body. In the adventure film, Mike has borrowed a police car and has it stuck on a dirt pile. Ranger Gord writes a love letter to Susan Sarandon. Red finds a useful purpose for accordions.moreless
  • The Whooping Crane
    Episode 3
    A whooping crane builds a nest in the lodge's chimney and when the lodge members investigate it, they wind up dealing with something totally unexpected.
  • Gladiator
    Episode 2
    The Possum Lake theater group is holding auditions for an upcoming play and Dalton, with an eye on the female lead, is trying out for the male lead.
  • New Job In Town
    Episode 1
    The town of Possum Lake decides to hire a public relations consultant and the men of the lodge are shocked to see who is ultimately hired.
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