The Red Green Show - Season 13

CBC (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Hindsight Is 20-20
    Hindsight Is 20-20
    Episode 20
    The March 2004 Pledge Event will be a Red Green Retrospective looking back at 25 years of Red Green on Television (No this was NOT misread either.)
  • Cyber Girl
    Episode 19
    Harold meets a woman via the Internet and they agree to meet each other at Possum Lodge.
  • The Sink Hole
    Episode 18
    Due to gases building up under it over the years, the lodge begins to sink and tilt dangerously to the side.
  • Ranger Harold
    Episode 17
    Harold fills in for Ranger Gord at the fire tower and Red doesn't know to handle being alone at the lodge.
  • The Women's Circle
    Episode 16
    The men discover that all the women in the area have disappeared and find out the women are meeting to talk with each other about their lives.
  • The Chain Letter
    Episode 15
    Harold convinces the lodge members to send out chain letters with the idea of financial rewards lodged in their minds.
  • Spokesman Red
    Episode 14
    Red is told by Harold that he is wanted to be the spokesperson for a company in a new ad they are doing but Red misunderstands what the end benefits are.
  • Comrad Harold
    Episode 13
    Harold agrees to take part in a University experiment to convert the Possum Lake community to communism. Red makes a garbage compactor out of a garage door opener. Ed Frid brings a wild parrot. Walter makes a glider airplane out of wallboard. Red invents a device that makes you look like you're standing while you're sitting. He also comes up with a way to hide vegetables instead of eating them. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Jerry Schaefer, Joel Harris.moreless
  • The Boat Ramp
    Episode 12
    Rather than clean out the existing boat ramp, Red creates a way to fling a boat over the scrap and land it in the lake. The men have an adventure saving a Lodge rowboat in a flood. Red uses streetcar technology to devise a safe way to cut the grass with an electric lawnmower. Red also demonstrates a way to prevent your wife from stealing the remote and makes an outdoor bathroom out of empty beer cases. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris.moreless
  • Possum Day
    Episode 11
    Instead of Ground Hog Day, the Lodge members celebrate Possum Day where a possum predicts how nuch longer summer will last. Red uses an industrial vacuum to subtly suck vegetables out of a fridge. Winston and Walter has a shoot out with squirt guns. Red makes an all-wheel drive four-wheel steering vehicle out of two K-cars. Ranger Gord presents a safety film on Cliff Diving and Red invents an easy way to add engine fluids while you're driving.

    Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Peter Keleghan, Joel Harris.moreless
  • Pay It Forward
    Episode 10
    The men try to re-instate their unemployment benefits by pretending to work for each other for money. Red designs a car that can be driven with driver in full recline. Edgar Montrose needs help distinguishing nitro from mouthwash. Walter and Bill have an adventure playing Foosball. Red makes a giant bobblehead and a fridge that makes you look slim. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Graham Greene, Rick Green, Joel Harris.moreless
  • The Spelling Bee
    Episode 9
    The lodge looks to enter several members in a government run spelling bee that has a thousand dollars as the main prize.
  • The String Ball
    Episode 8
    Dalton looks like he's got a great chance of winning this year's biggest ball of string contest. Red makes a heavy-duty garbage disposal to get rid of car parts and assorted yard junk. Ed and Bill have an adventure trying to save Walter from a car that rolled into the lake. Red demonstrates innovative ways to roll up the rim on your coffee cup and clean hard to reach places in the bathroom. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Jerry Schaefer, Peter Keleghan.moreless
  • Mailbox Wars
    Episode 7
    The men at the Lodge try to capture the teenagers who are smashing all the mailboxes in the Possum Lake area. Red converts a bicycle into a barbecue rotisserie. Walter loses a canoe but Winston and Red help him get it back. Red has hints on getting your car to pass the safety check and how to get a bed to make itself. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Graham Greene, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robson, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris, Trevor Loudon.moreless
  • The Earring
    Episode 6
    Rumours run rampant at the Lodge when Winston gets an earring. Instead of beef jerky, Red decides to make turkey jerky. Red and Walter use dynamite to try to remove an old tree stump. Red demonstrates an innovative way to get the Possum Van out of a mud hole and shows you how to convert an old wrecked car into an RV camper trailer. Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Bob Bainborough, Wayne Robsom, Jeff Lumby, Joel Harris.moreless
  • 11/14/03
    The lodge members use Winston's sewage truck to pump the coins out of the town's wishing well that is going to be torn down.
  • School Demo
    Episode 4
    The lodge members get to tear down the local schoolhouse but some react in an unexpected way afterwards.
  • The Drive-Thru
    Episode 3
    A delivery trucks dumps a load of hamburger on a nearby highway and Red, seeing an opportunity to make money, turns the lodge into a drive-thru with the hamburger as the main item on the menu.
  • You've Got Oil
    Episode 2
    When a company discovers oil near Port Asbestos, the lodge makes a deal to run a pipeline through the lodge property to carry the oil.
  • 12/31/01
    Red and Harold discuss New Year's resolutions with Red resolving never to make any. In the adventure, the men have their own version of the "Times Square New Year's Eve Ball Drop." On Talking Animals, Ed Frid releases a flock of doves for good luck but discovers a cat has eaten them. In The Repair Shop, Mike decides to fly all over the world to celebrate all 24 New Year's Days. Red devises a way to prevent you from getting loaded on New Year's Eve with a Soda Machine dispenser. Dalton, Ed and Winston share their New Year's Resolution lists.moreless
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