The Red Green Show - Season 9

CBC (ended 2006)



User Score: 5909

Episode Guide

  • Red Green's Guide To Parenting
    The Canadian handyman Red Green (Smith) and all of his pals at the Possum Lodge share their misguided parenting tips, gained the hard way, through countless mistakes. Armed with a tool belt and a roll of duct tape, Red expounds some hilarious, potentially harmful pointers, including how to build an entire set of girl's bedroom furniture from used tires, as well as how to prevent your children from turning out like you. After viewing this, it'll be hard to imagine raising children without Red.moreless
  • 7.8
    The lodge gets a bunch of used computers from Harold and the members' lives change almost immediately, much to the annoyance of Red.
  • The Auto Club
    Episode 15
    After the Possum Van breaks down in the middle of town and Red learns of the high towing fee, the lodge members set up an auto club to service local people's vehicles and make money at the same time.
  • 8.5
    When it is reported that the Guinness Records people are coming to the area, the lodge members try to come up with unique ways to get into the record book.
  • Hurricane Doug
    Episode 13
    The lodge is threatened by a powerful hurricane approaching the area but Red doesn't take the forecast very seriously.
  • The Battle Call
    Episode 12
    For the annual contest for bragging rights, Possum Lodge goes against Caribou Lodge in a mock battle recreation.
  • No Retreat
    Episode 11
    The company Harold works for wants to buy Possum Lodge and turn it into a private corporate retreat.
  • 8.0
    The lodge members each get a beer barrel from a local brewery and Red decides to ride inside his barrel as it goes over Rock Reef Falls.
  • Curse Of The Mummy
    Episode 9
    The lodge is temporarily storing some artifacts from the local museum. When Dalton starts to talk about a curse supposedly associated with one item, Red and Mike decide to play a practical joke on him.
  • Rent A Wreck
    Episode 8
    As part of a new tolerant approach to others that he is adapting, Red agrees to lend the Possum Van to Mike without asking any questions. However, Red learns too late that Mike is planning to use the van in a demolition derby.
  • Coup De Grass
    Episode 7
    Red creeates a new type of grass seed that grows up to six inches high and no more and doesn't need mowing. However, he and the other lodge members learn that the seed doesn't grow as planned when planted on the lodge property.
  • School Bus Blimp
    Episode 6
    Red decides to convert an old school bus into a blimp and enlists Mike and Winston's help in carrying out his plan.
  • Angel
    Episode 5
    Red and the boys argue about the existence of angels. Mike volunteers to produce one. Red makes a bread maker out of an automatic washing machine. He also shows you a way to stop dogs from chasing your car. Ranger Gord has a picture of the abominable snowman. They also have fun with the local magnetic hill. Red takes some mementos from the Lodge for Harold to display on his desk at Multi Corp. International Inc.moreless
  • 8.1
    The men decide to have a Bachelor Auction as a way of raising money and getting dates. A new feature, Possum Lodge Life & Times, focuses on the life of local con artist Honest John Jonassen. Red builds a dragster out of junk he finds in the shed. Young Walter is stuck way up in a cherry picker and getting him down turns into an adventure. Meet Dale, a new character played by Gavin Crawford, who is pumping gas for the summer.moreless
  • Lady In Red
    Episode 3
    A beautiful young chiropractor goes into business in the Possum Lake area and Dalton, Red and Mike look to be clients.
  • The Fishing Derby
    Episode 2
    When the annual fishing derby results in no fish being caught, the lodge has Possum Lake tested and the results leave the men pondering how to solve the problem.
  • Harold's Job
    Episode 1
    Harold looks to leave the lodge for a new job in the city and several lodge members look to take his place almost immediately.
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