The Red Green Show

Season 6 Episode 3

Sedgwick The Tenant

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC
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Old Man Sedgwick has an unexpected visit from his son that does not go well. As a result, he moves into the lodge and causes Red and Harold much grief.

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    • Red: (talking about the situation involving Old Man Sedgwick and his son) What is the worse thing that could happen out of that scenario?
      Harold: Well, they could be heating their cabin, like, with a high-sulfur coal, you know? Then meanwhile, on top of the wood stove, both men are rinsing their teeth in the same pewter jar, right? And that would create this symbiotic hydrolysis, right? And then there'd be a thermal inversion, right? And then all of a sudden, the sulfur and ions, they'd have to collide with the dental plaque, right? And that'd accelerate the electrons to the point where there'd be this massive nuclear reaction, right?! But it wouldn't kill them! Oh no, it wouldn't kill them, Uncle Red! But indeed, yes, it would render them absolutely sterile for the rest of their lives!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Harold laughs evilly, then calms down) I'm writing an episode of The Outer Limits.
      Red: Harold you are an episode of The Outer Limits!

    • Red: (trying to get Dalton to say the Word Game word) When your wife tells a joke, you...
      Dalton: ...cringe.
      Red: When I tell a joke, you...
      Dalton: ...don't get it.

    • Red: (singing) Oh, I have one whisker on the end of my nose. And the more I shave it, the more it grows. I waxed it and stretched it till it was 50 inches long. And then it was hit by lightning and I was forced to rethink the whole project.

    • Harold: (referring to Old Man Sedgwick and his son) Talk about two old crabby guys! I'm walking by, they yell, "Hey, dork! Pick a gender!"

    • Red: (in a voiceover promoting upcoming material) Stay tuned and relax. Whatever this is, we got lots more of it.

    • Red: Instead of tryin' to turn normal citizens into firefighters, how about tryin' to turn a normal car into a fire truck?

    • Red: (during voiceover promoting upcoming segments) I'll tell ya' something -- you wanna make sense of this program, you'd better give it your undivided attention.

    • Arnie: (singing) I left her on the rooftop... But she didn't like my flashing... She threw my heart in the downspout and now I drink a lot and drive trucks....

    • Red: Ya know, every once in a while, I come up with an idea that makes just so much sense, it's irresistible.
      Harold: You're quitting television?

    • Harold: Nobody forgets a son!
      Red: (looking at his nephew Harold) I'm trying to forget a nephew!

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is one of eight available on the Stuffed and Mounted 2 DVD release. In a brief opening commentary, Steve Smith notes that he and many others on the program consider themselves to primarily be writers. He states that many people don't seem to think that the show is written, and he considers that a compliment. He goes on to say that they regularly dropped segments from the program if they could no longer come up with material for them. Two examples of these were in this episode, one in which Red read a variation on a poem by a famous poet and a segment called "Possum 911." He referred to these as the "last dying attempts" to save these segments.

    • Bob Bainborough and Jeff Lumby are listed as Contributing Writers in this episode's credits.