The Red Green Show

Season 8 Episode 5

The Cult Visit

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC
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The lodge is visited by a strange cult from the planet Gorgon. Red builds a riding mower out of a Pontiac and a ceiling fan. Bill tries roller blade street hockey. Special Guest - Gordon Pinsent.

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      • Red: (singing) Oh, the tortoise and the hare had a race one day/To see if slow could ever beat fast./They were neck-and-neck 'til the truck went by/And they both ended up dead last.

      • Red: (to Harold) Go right back out there, and you tell them that the last bus for Gorgon left about three weeks ago, and maybe they should warp themselves up to Port Asbestos and get some dilithium crystals, Harold.
        Harold: Well, you go tell them that. They call you the grand master.
        Red: What? Pardon me?
        Harold: Yeah, they said because you're the lodge leader, you must be all-powerful, all-knowing and all-seeing, you know. They'll do your bidding, you're the grand master.

      • Harold: Did I just see a '53 Buick with a washer and dryer duct taped to the sides shoot into outer space?
        Red: No. No.
        Harold: Oh, thank heavens!
        Red: That was a '54 Buick.

      • Harold: So you're lying to them just to get them to do what you want?
        Harold: Yep. I'm a born leader, Harold.

      • Harold: I'm an individual and I can speak for myself..if that's OK with everybody.

      • Red: (talking to older guys) Your body is your home and if you home suits you, why renovate?

      • Harold: (talking about cultists) They say their ancestors came from the planet Gorgon in a distant galaxy.
        Red: You sure it wasn't a Ford Galaxy, Harold?

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