The Red Green Show

Season 2 Episode 21

The Gun Mishap

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red starts the episode by saying hunting season has started in the lodge area and the members are out beating the bush and drinking in large quantities. He goes on to say that Murray and Dwayne are selling a lot things at the store and Noel is really excited as he's allowed to hold a gun whereas normally he's not allowed to have one as head of lodge security.

In another part of the lodge, Noel says to Harold that he shot Murray accidentally and they're having trouble finding Doc Render. A groaning Murray enters and Dwayne says that Murray has been shot in the buttocks. Murray declares that he'll be suing Noel for every penny he has and that starts with Noel's Cherokee truck. Doc enters and applies ointment/rubbing alcohol to Murray's wound as Murray continues to rail against Noel.

On Handyman Corner, Red makes a toboggan out of a used car hood. After removing the hood ornament, Red flips the hood over and attaches a rope to it. He finished the project by duct taping front seats from a car to the interior of the hood.

After Red reads an ode to spring, the scene shifts back to lodge where Red says that no one is real happy about Murray being shot in the back side and he thinks Murray doubling the price of everything in his store is a bit much.

Next, Red is with Doc and Harold out on a canoe and Red asks Doc if they should have taken Murray to the hospital. Doc says Murray has a minor abrasion and powder burns and he'll be fine. Doc goes on to talk about fighting a fire at an ammunition factory and saving military school students from the building despite the hundred or so bullets he got hit with.

On Adventures with Bill, Bill tries to fix a bike that is in bad shape. After inflating the tires, oiling the chain and repairing the handles, Bill takes the bike for a drive but the streamers he added get caught up in the chain and Bill crashes off screen.

After Red reads an ode to spring, the scene shifts to the lodge where Red says that the lodge members have decided to boycott Murray's store due to the high prices but he's sure everything will be straightened out at the lodge meeting. At the meeting, Doc tries to conduct a pseudo trial about the gun incident. Noel admits to the shooting and Doc says that since it was an accident, the charges should be reduced to accident discharge in a restricted space. Red proposes that Noel pay for damages Murray took and the lodge members agree overwhelmingly. Murray lists what he wants replaced but still agitates for a million dollars for pain and suffering.