The Red Green Show

Season 6 Episode 9

The Poker Game

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red says the lodge members are going to be playing poker on the upcoming night and Harold thinks it's just way for them to shirk responsibility. A short time later, Red enters obviously upset and mutters that he was winning all night until the last hand. Red thought he had it won but Stinky beat him with a hand that was impossible even with a few extra cards the members bring by themselves. On Adventures with Bill, Bill and Harold go to pick apples out of a tree though Bill doesn't notice his basket has no bottom and hits Harold with several apples. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Dougie to say the word ' Pet ' for the prize of a bent stop sign and a free driving lesson. On Handyman Corner, Red looks to build a jet pack similar to the one he saw in a James Bond film. Red takes two propane tanks as the fuel tanks and hoses and controls from a barbecue and the wheel base of a charcoal barbecue to mount it all to with duct tape. Mounting the equipment on his back, Red uses a barbecue hood for a crash helmet and fires up his unit but it results in a great puff of smoke and Red remaining where he is located with twisted metal around him. For his advice corner, Red talks to guys about what they should tell kids about life. He suggests that parents should talk about career, money or something along those lines or tell kids to just take care of their teeth. At the lodge, Red shows Harold a card table with twelve cards stuck underneath and a deck of cards that contains ninety four cards they had for the recent card game and says this definitely confirms something suspicious was going on. For Possum 911, Red and Harold take a call from Buzz Sherwood, who is lost. They eventually tell Buzz to get directions and take of. Back on Adventures with Bill, Bill is using a mechanical lift to get apples from the tree though he has trouble using the controls on it and winds up high in the air and falls to the ground with a loud thud. Back at the lodge, Red enters and looks a little forlorn. Red says he has a rematch all set for the poker game but when he moves just a little bit, cards start to spill out of his shirt sleeves and pant legs and Harold states that Red was planning to cheat. For the Experts segment, Arnie advises a letter writer who wants to know if he is doomed to continue bouncing from job to job as it seems the world is against him. Arnie says that that the world is never against a person and in the roofing business, there is only three natural enemies to deal with: wind, gravity and wet shingles. At the lodge, Red says he managed to win everything back he lost in the poker rematch and reveals his winnings are used toothpicks to Harold, who is disgusted by the used element
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