The Red Green Show

Season 16 Episode 1

The Red Green Story - We're All In This Together

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 20, 2009 on CBC

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  • Red says everything that most married men are too afraid to say, or too smart to say out loud. I'd enjoy having a man just like Red for a friend. how could it be boring? Keep your stick on the ice!!!

    I came across the Red Green Show by accident. I avoid public television with a passion. For a network who claims to be watcher supporter, but has corporate and government financial support, they lean way too far to the left for me. So how did a great show like Red Green end up on public t.v.? No clue, I'm taken aback by it. A show this good shouuld be on The Comedy Channel, or Speed Channel, with a great time slot. The humor is directed at men, but the women I watch it with, laugh harder than me, due to how stupid we look thru Reds eyes. The things he builds, that actually work, is ingenious. The things that flop, are funnier than the things that work. The characters are spot on, and the mens club is obtuse, funny, and living in a fog. What more could any one want in a mens hangout? I'd be happy to call Red Green my friend, if he existed. None of my friends have as much class as Red, so I'm not sure what kind of lewzers I call friends. I really miss the show. I've spent many hundreds of dollars buying the dvd's so I can share them with company. It'll never be re-created by another show. It's reminiscent of Seinfeld, and the characters. Now there would have been a fun show to combine those two casts. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........
    If you can't tell, Red was a great show to me. It was like losing a friend when it ended. Thank goodness Seinfeld is still on, or I'd be in real trouble......thanks for your time, COOTER
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