The Red Green Show

Season 6 Episode 2

The Science Fair

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC

Episode Recap

Red begins the episode by talking about how the lodge members are making their own beer or wine in a sort of an annual tradition with one batch being brewed in a bath tub being particularly tasty. Harold points out that the bath tub mixture is a science experiment he's doing and he's pickling pollywogs, which Red has mistaken for olives. A short time later, Harold is upset that his science experiment was ruined by the lodge members but Red thinks he can do something else and offers to help him out. Harold declines and says he wants to win and he might try something with an astronomy theme. In the black and white segment, Bill tries his luck with a gymnastic rings apparatus but has a great deal of difficulty getting his hands on the rings. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Mike to say the word ' Father ' for the prize of a weekend for two at the solitaire championships. On Handyman Corner, Red shows how to make a ninety degree joint with an electric table saw. He switches the blade so it can cut wood but when he starts the machine, the blades flies out as it is not tightened enough. Next, Red tries cutting a piece of wood but finds he has to adjust the blade higher. When he tries to cut a board length ways, the board flies out of his hands. Red adjusts the blade to a forty five degree for butt joints but discovers that the angle is off after cutting several pieces. When Red sets the machine on its side to get the preferred angle, the machine crashes to the floor. On his advice corner, Red talks about why men do the things they do such as not stopping to ask questions when they're lost. He says man doesn't want to reveal the fact that he is lost as he takes it as a personal failure. At the lodge, Red enters holding his version of a telescope for Harold to enter in the science fair. Harold, though, doesn't want it as he says he wants to win on his own without or despite Red's help. Harold says he is doing a crystal radio set but he has trouble with the soldering iron as does Harold. For the Man Anonymous segment, Dalton speaks of how he did laundry for the first time. He says it was due to a change in attitude as he viewed it as a project and the washer and dryer as his tools. Back with Bill, Bill applies chalk to his hands and is on the rings a short while later. Before long, he is demonstrating various poses seen on the rings but when he tries one with no hands on the rings, he crashes to the ground. Back at the lodge, Red enters with a giant version of a crystal radio he wants Harold to enter even though Red built it all on his own. Harold is building his own project based on the germination of soybeans. With that, Red vows to enter the crystal radio set in his name as he's eligible due to the fact he never graduated high school. On the Experts segment, Hap advises a letter writer who wants to know if it's true that basketball was invented by a Canadian. Red says this was true but Hap says that he invented basketball while working for the CIA in the United States. Harold says it was James Naismith who invented the game and Hap says that was his cover name. At the lodge, Red and Harold, both blackened and looking burned, return from the science fair. Harold's hearing is temporarily gone due to the explosion with his project landing over in Fort Asbestos. Harold also mentions that Stinky Peterson won the fair but the trophy lodged in him and the doctors will have to remove it.