The Red Green Show

Season 15 Episode 18

Toe The Line

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 31, 2006 on CBC

Episode Recap

Red shows a way to have friends baby-sit a newborn without them knowing. Outside, Red opens the hood of a car and places a baby, who is inside a cradle, on top of the motor. Moments later, several men gather to look at the car's motor and while they stand there, Red tries to sneak off to play golf. However, the sound of fire engines followed by several vehicles passing quickly draw the men away and Red returns to baby-sitting. At the lodge, Red says his wife is a line dancing competition and her partner is Buster Hadfield. Harold enters and Red asks him to fill in for Buster, who has the flu, for the line dancing competition. Harold initially turns him down but warms to the idea when Red says he'll own Harold huge if Harold does him this favor. For the Word Game segment, Red tries to get Ed to say the word ' Gross ' for a coupon for a five percent discount off the regular one hundred and fifty dollar admission price for the Possum Lake Historical Museum. On Harold's Hobby House, Harold welcomes Mike as his guest and Mike shows his hobby of things that tell a story, namely collecting old keys. Harold speculates some of the keys might be for famous places and Mike eventually admits that the keys relate to crimes Mike committed in the past. Next, Red shows how to make a convertible top by using duct tape in massive quantities on an existing but worn out version. To solve the problem of the stickiness with a duct taped roof, Red suggests going with a hard top cover instead. Red gets a garage door opener and after removing the trunk lid with a blow torch, Red attaches the opener to the hood of the car with duct tape. Red takes the rollers from the garage door and mounts them on the sides of the trunk lid to make things move smoothly and a bungee cord attached to the car's trailer hitch to retract the lid when desired. With a metal wire running from the garage opener to a hole in the lid, Red goes to put the lid up and drive away but a bump in the road causes him to lose his spare tire that rolls away. For his advice corner segment, Red talks about the act that when guys get older, they tend to get crabby and nobody wants to be around them. Red says that guys have to make themselves happy no matter what and try to smile a lot. Back at the lodge, Red says he's having a good day as Harold is practicing with Bernice for the line dancing contest. Harold enters dressed in a Western themed outfit and says Bernice canceled the practice as she's coming down with the flu. When Red learns the contest has a prize of a thousand dollars, Red suggests he and Harold enter the competition with Harold dressed as the female partner. For the black and white segment, Bill and Red play a game of soccer after Bill inflates the ball. The wo struggle with the athletic part and Red over inflates the ball to the point they use cars to move the ball with Red using the Possum Van. Bill literally drives the ball into the goal at the end though Red thinks it's a red card foul. In the next segment, Red shows a way to depopulate a bee hive under the eaves of a building. He takes the hose from a vacuum cleaner and extends it with a fishing rod and with a large flower to lure the bees near, Red sucks up the bees with the vacuum turned on. After a short period of time, Red declares the mission accomplished and dumps the vacuum into the lake but the hose floats to the top and Red runs away from the emerging mass of angry bees. At the lodge, Red and Harold enter and Red announces that they won the competition. Red tells Harold he is giving him the entire thousand dollar prize and Harold hugs him in appreciation. At this point, Red tells him that the thousand dollar prize is actually a thousand dollars in line dancing lessons.
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