The Red Green Show

Season 3 Episode 5

Underground Parking

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Unknown on CBC
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The Possum Lodge members try to turn a mine dug by them in a futile search for gold into an underground parking garage.

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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Red: Now breathing this air might make ya' a little sleepy because it's tire air. Always time for humour at the lodge.

    • Red: (talking about food to serve at a cookout) I find budget is the main consideration. For instance, we may be planning on having something like fish fry at the lodge, but of course, no one catches any. So we have to augment the menu and that always forces us over budget. And then we get all the whiners who want to know how the hot dogs and macaroni qualify as fish fry. So I just say, "Hey, throw some worms in!"
      Harold: Well, you sounded serious at the time!

    • Red: (introducing Harold's "Possum Lodge Cadets" segment) This next part of the show is for all you young people out there. You deserve this.

    • Red: We never heard of anyone getting rich during a mold rush.
      Harold: Well, you know, Uncle Red, mold has its values, too, you know, because they use it, like, you know, to make bread or penicillin. Mold is not a bad thing.
      Red: Would you pay 400 bucks an ounce for it, Harold? If not, then it's a bad thing, 'cause that's how much we've spent digging the gold mine, all right?
      Harold: Four hundred dollars? How'd you manage to spend 400 dollars on, like, twelve volunteers digging a hole in the ground?
      Red: Uh, mainly refreshments. You can build up a thirst inhaling all that mold, I'll tell ya.

    • Red: (the propane tank used for the scuba air tank is weighing down on him) Is this just heavy, or am I getting the bends?

    • Red: (singing) How smart can you be? You'll never know 'til you try.
      Harold: (singing) Never know 'til you try.
      Red: How far can you go? You'll never know 'til you try.
      Harold: Never know 'til you try.
      Red: Are you slow or are you quick? You'll never know until you poke a mountain lion with a stick.

    • Harold: (talking about Red's news heard on the radio about gold) I don't think you could believe everything you hear from that station. The entire staff's an alcoholic.
      Red: No, Harold, this is not just Berny hallucinating, okay? This is a scientific study done by the government, and I don't think the whole government would all be hallucinating at the same time... again!

    • Red: Red Green here. This week's show: Bill goes backpacking, Harold forms the Possum Lodge Cadets and I'm gonna turn a barbecue into scuba gear.

    • Harold: (talking of Red's plan to convert the mine into an underground parking lot) Excuse me, Uncle Red, have you thought this plan through? Because I don't want any judgments, you know, but I think your plan's flawed. Badly flawed, like "Rescue 911" flawed.
      Red: Well now, Harold, if we're gonna get into comparing things with flaws in them, I think you're not gonna have a very nice day.

    • Red: Despite what you see on television, most criminals either get caught or killed or they have to change their identity and move to a country where there's nothing worth stealing.

    • Red: (pointing towards a propane BBQ) I've been saving this beauty hoping it would have value as an antique but apparently the market for rusty metal appliances covered with bits of burnt meat has gone a little soft on us.

    • Red: Things are really humming up here at the lodge this week and it's not just from the way we rewired the hot water heater.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Patrick McKenna is listed in the closing credits as a Contributing Writer for this episode.

    • "Underground Parking" is one of eight episodes available on the DVD Stuffed and Mounted 5. In an intro by Steve Smith, he explains how this episode's "Handyman Corner" sums up the type of writing style of the show, in which, he says, "You have to have some sort of mechanical ability, but mainly, you have to see the world totally different than anybody else does."

    • During the closing credits, Gordon Pinsent (Hap Shaughnessy) is seen at the lodge meeting but he has no lines and is uncredited for this episode.