The Red Road

Thursday 9:00 PM on SundanceTV Premiered Feb 27, 2014 In Season


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  • talk about leave me hanging

    love this show waiting on season 3, you guys just left me crying and hanging. bring on S3.
  • BEST Show since The Walking Dead

    We just started watching The Red Road on Netflix. Amazing plot line and outstanding acting especially by Jason Momoa and Martin Henderson who reminds me so much of Andrew Lincoln (Rick on The Walking Dead). This show is light years better than most of the crap on tv.

    Just found out Sundance didn't pick a third season which I just can't understand. Maybe a write in campaign can save this show like it did Longmire???
  • Red Road Done?

    Are you kidding me? Loved this show. Horrible ending to season 2. Loved the characters and the story line. You have to give us a better ending than that. Some sort of conclusion with these characters. I started watching on Netflix and when I got to the end- is when I started to Google the show and found out the bad news. At least one more season where the mom and son lives. Anything is better than not knowing.
  • omg i love this show!!!

    I cant believe they have cancelled this show I absolutely am crazy about this show and where it could go. I was so exited to watch the next season I would have watched it unconditionally. Unbelievable I hope there is some way it can get picked up again it has such great potential. the actors are great and the story line is so interesting and exciting. I am still in shock from hearing that it was cancelled just after two seasons and to never know what will happen.
  • Everyone's a little twisted in this one.

    Nice rural setting in the middle of nowhere sets the tone for this one. Typical backwoods corrupt everything basically.. From drug dealers, to dirty cops, to murder this little town has its share of problems.. Dark and twisted in all the right ways, I'll be interested to see where they take it from here.
  • More less

    This is a drama show with no great action. But the interaction of characters and them drama life, it's enough to me watch the show at least to the end of the first season.