The Red Skelton Show

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The Red Skelton Show

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Season 1 and 2 (1951-53) on NBC 30 mins.
Season 3-18 (1953-70) on CBS 30 mins. (1954 Summer show) Red Skelton Review 60min. (1962-70) Red Skelton Hour Season 19 (1970-71) Monday on NBC 30 mins.

(1951-52) Emmy Best Comedy Show. Best Comedian.
(1958-59) Emmy nom for Best Comedy Series
(1959-60) Emmy nom for Director in Comedy
(1959-60) Emmy nom for Program in Humor
(1960-61) Emmy for Writing in Comedy
(1961-62) Emmy nom for Director in Comedy
(1961-62) Emmy nom for Program in Humor
(1961-62) Emmy nom for Writing in Comedy
(1962-63) Emmy nom for Program in Comedy
(1962-63) Emmy nom for Program in Variety
(1962-63) Emmy nom for Writing in Comedy
(1964-65) Emmy nom for Entertainment
(1965-66) Emmy nom for Variety Series
(1966-67) Emmy nom for Electronic Production.
(1969-70) Emmy nom for Choreography.

Ratings: (1951-52) #5

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  • Memories of days gone bye.

    Everyone gathered around the TV to see what Freddy the freeloader or Clem Kadiddlehopper were up to. There is a reason you'll never see reruns of this magical show. The PC crowd would go insane and especially with Red's closing to every show. "Goodnight and God Bless".
  • It sickens me that this show is not on TV anymore

    So many classic shows to watch on TV and this one is not one of the shows that is currently on TV right now. Shame. It was a great show to watch despite the fact that I only saw a couple of episodes of this funny show. Oh well at least I still have thousands of other great TV shows to watch on TV as of right now.
  • Worse movie ever.

    Worse movie ever. Well actually that's being very harsh. After all, I'm sure the production company had put a lot of effort in producing this and trashing it like I am doing right now seems downright unfair. However, I can't forgive those who waste my time with something like this. Why did I pick up something called The Red Skelton Show in the first place?
  • Red Skelton "LIVE" in Las Vegas.

    To me Red Skelton was a very funny man who never tried to offend anyone or use foul language to make people laugh. That is the sign of true comedic genius. I'm not to sure when comedy took a turn for the curse, but I think it had something to do with George Carlin, not that I dislike Carlin....he had some very clever and funny bits, especially the two minute warning. I know that there are millions of people out there that miss Red Skelton on TV. If you never got the chance to see him "LIVE" then I want to offer you the next best thing. Brian Hoffman re-creates Red Skelton 4 nights a week in Las Vegas. This is a new and ongoing show that is very funny and a great show for the entire family. Brian hosts the show as Red Skelton doing that signature slapstick that made Red famous. Next time in Las Vegas check out the "Best Comedy Show" in Las Vegas and the only one with a Red Skelton impersonator. Larry G Jones~Singing Impressionist. 9pm Sunday through Wednesday 99 Convention Center Drive inside the Royal Resort. I wish you continued success in all you do. Goodnight now and may God bless. Brian Hoffman~Red Skelton Impersonator.moreless
  • It was funny. The skits were played to perfection.

    I wish it re-aired again on tv. I loved the skits and the comedy it brought in my life. I was small were i first saw it on tv. that was a long time ago. Red Skelton add libed sometimes. Making the unexpected happen. Great guest stars appeared on the series. The crazy antictes and stunts were excellent. Evernight we couldn't wait to see it.
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