The Red Skelton Show

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • September 30, 1951: Premiere Show

      Red's guests are The Skylarks.
      Armed Forces hitch hiking.
      Red performed several characters that he made famous on the radio: Cauliflower McPugg, a cockeyed boxer; Deadeye, a Texas cowboy; Junior, the bratty child; San Fernando Red, dishonest politician; and Clem Kaddiddlehopper, as an Irish tenor.
      The Skylarks sing "Halleluyah".

    • October 7, 1951
      October 7, 1951
      Episode 2
      October 7, 1951
    • October 14, 1951
    • October 21, 1951
      October 21, 1951
      Episode 4

      Cauliflower McPugg has an idea to make a million.

      Willie Lump Lump in "Smokeless Sunday".

      The Taylor Maids sing "That's The Man For Me".

      "The Execution" & "The American Dance" sketches.

    • October 28, 1951
    • November 4, 1951
      November 4, 1951
      Episode 6

      Clem Kadiddlehopper selling real estate on TV.

      The Pepperettes sing "Didn't Know The Gun Was Loaded".

      "Artist And Model" sketch.

      Willie Lump Lump and The Burglar.

    • November 11, 1951

      Red goes to a music store to purchase a song. David Rose shows up, as do Clem Kadiddlehopper & Cauliflower Mc Pugg.

      The Sportsman Quartet sing "Let's Do It Again."

      "Cafe Paree" & "If Adults Acted Like Kids" sketches.

    • November 18, 1951

      Clem Kadiddlehopper as a toothpaste salesman.
      Different types of people at a drug store soda fountain.
      "G.I. McPugg" - A Cauliflower McPugg sketch (w/ Tide ad).
      Willie Lump Lump as "The Private Bloodshot Eye."
      Musical highlight:
      The Modernaires perform "The Customer's Always Right."

    • November 25, 1951

      Red does a boxing pantomime.

      Clem Kadiddlehopper gives a seminar on "How to have the Perfect Marriage".

      "The Rock Pile"

      Red dances "The Swan Lake Ballet" with guest Nana Gollner.

      Bob Hope does cameo at the end.

    • December 2, 1951
    • December 9, 1951
      December 9, 1951
      Episode 11

      Red does a slow motion tennis game and people walking on the street.

      "The Big Trial"

      Guests Foy Willing And The Riders Of The Purple Sage followed by a Saloon Sketch with Deadeye.

    • December 16, 1951
      December 16, 1951
      Episode 12

      Clem selling Christmas Trees,
      "Clean Politics" with San Fernando Red,
      The Four Knights, 
      Willie Lump Lump "Expert Christmas Tree Trimmer".

    • December 23, 1951
      December 23, 1951
      Episode 13

      "The Skelton's at Home" A holiday show with guests: Georgia, Valentina and Richard Skelton, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Fowler, Bo Roos. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rose.

      Also, Willie Lump Lump, Cauliflower McPugg, Clem Kadiddlehopper and Sheriff Deadeye stop by.

    • December 30, 1951: Learn to Dance in Ten Easy Lessons or One Hard One

      Red shows how to look drunk at a party... if you don't drink.

      "My First Dance" and "Marooned" sketches.

      Pantomime of woman when she first gets up in the morning.

      Red's guest is Shirley Mitchell. Special appearance by Red's son Richard Skelton.

      "Learn To Dance In Ten Easy Lessons Or One Hard One" has Red as the awkward and clumsy Clem Kadiddlehopper taking a few dance lessons for his New Years resolution.

    • January 6, 1952
      January 6, 1952
      Episode 15

      Red does football coach interview reenactment as (Weepy) J. Newton Numbskull.

      Cauliflower McPugg in "The Bouncer".

      The Treniers perform "Go, Go, Go."

      "The Golfer" and "The Corpus Delicti" sketchs.

      Milton Berle cameo at the end.

    • January 13, 1952
      January 13, 1952
      Episode 16

      Clem Kadiddlehopper does an ad for shaving cream.

      Cauliflower McPugg in "The Babysitter" sketch.

      "Tide's In" sketch/commercial.

      Guest Nana Gollner and Red dance in the ballet "Le Spectre de la Rose".

    • January 20, 1952
      January 20, 1952
      Episode 17

      Willie Lump Lump pantomime (making breakfast at home). Red performs this without a set because the rain in L.A. wouldn't allow for a load in.

      Red demonstrates "things that happen in a drug store".

      "The Clean Fighter" sketch/commercial with Cauliflower McPugg.

      "Parking & Sparking" sketch showing lovers lane from the rich & poor perspectives.

    • January 27, 1952
      January 27, 1952
      Episode 18

      Red opens by closing the previous weeks show (which was cut short).

      Red demonstrates a variety of different people "making a speech".

      Red acts out motion picture "death scenes".

      The Skylarks perform "Saint Louis Blues".

      "Rock A Bye Baby" Life in the American home how it should be... then the way it really is.

      Red works with Lucille Knoch acting out various awkward boy saying goodnight to girl scenes.

    • February 3, 1952
    • February 10, 1952
      February 10, 1952
      Episode 20

      Red does a take off on the program "The Continental" in the sketch "The Transcontinental".

      J. Newton Numbskull stars in "It's Magic" with Lucille Knoch.

      Lucille and Deadeye then find themselves hawking Tide in the western sketch "Streets Of Laredo".

      The show wraps up with the classic 'furniture on the walls' sketch, "Topsy Turvy", with Willy Lump Lump.

    • February 17, 1952
      February 17, 1952
      Episode 21

      Red demonstrates a few things that happen to people who ride on buses.

      Davie Rose conducts a full length version of "Holiday For Strings" on the occasion of their 5th anniversary.

      "The Cocktail Lounge" has Red presenting different people who go into cocktail lounges.

      The show wraps with Sleepy Sam, The All Night Record Man in "The Disc Jockey".

    • February 24, 1952: How to Make a Salad

      Appearing with Red are Gil Perkins, Jack Fisher, Rocky Carr, Charles Post and Don De Leo, with Lucy Knoch as the General.
      Opening: Reactions to a prizefight.

      Red plays British newscaster Lord Beaverhead.

      Clem Kadiddlehopper in "Pedestrian Polo."
      Pvt. Willie Lump Lump in "How to Make a Salad" in the military.

    • March 2, 1952
      March 2, 1952
      Episode 23

      After the monologue, Red does "Dr. Clem Kadiddlehopper" hawking a home medical book.

      The Rivero Quintet performs some "exotic" music from south of the border, laced with native dance.

      Red gets his weekly plug for Tide in during the "Pasquale's Hotel" sketch (featuring the "izzy, wazzy" gag).

      "On The House" has Red and Rod O'Connor acting out 3 different drunks... trying to get free drinks.

    • March 9, 1952
    • March 16, 1952
    • March 23, 1952
      March 23, 1952
      Episode 26

      Red opens with Iowa Pete in a demonstration of how to eat "Corn On The Cob".

      Then guests "The Andrini Brothers" perform music and comedy with a hispanic flavor.

      Cauliflower McPugg gets in on the Tide commercial in "Wash Day" as he does laundry with some local muggs.

      The show closes with Willie Lump Lump in "Debt Of A Salesman".

    • March 30, 1952
      March 30, 1952
      Episode 27

      Red does pantomime of his wife Georgia receiving a box of candy.

      Willy Lump Lump in "Willy the Barber" with built in Tide commercial.

      The show closes with San Fernando Red in "Quiz the Candidate".


    • April 6, 1952
      April 6, 1952
      Episode 28

      Clem Kadiddlehopper in "The Travel Club" with Clem trying to sell memberships to a half baked travel club on t.v.

      The sketch is cut in two when Clem shows the cowboy movie "The Last Of The Moccasins" starring Deadeye holding up the stagecoach... to get a box of Tide.

      Then back to the travel club.

    • April 13, 1952
    • April 20, 1952
    • April 27, 1952
    • May 4, 1952: Live in San Francisco

      Performed live from San Francisco (instead of L.A.)

      "It Takes All Kinds" with Benny Rubin as the man on the street interviewing Clem Kaddiddlehopper, Lucille Knoch and Cauliflower McPugg.
      Next up "Him, Of Course, And" again with Benny Rubin with Kam Tong in a Chinese laundry sketch designed to slip in the Tide commercial.
      The show wraps up with Skelton's classic "Guzzler's Tonic" routine from vaudeville and Ziegfeld Follies.

    • May 11, 1952
      May 11, 1952
      Episode 33

      Red does a pantomime of the chef that makes the salad for the dollar dinner.

      J. Newton Numbskull takes center stage trying to hatch eggs for chickens in the "Weepy The Cluck" sketch.

      And "Let's Talk About Mother" closes this mothers day show with a sentimental sketch about mom with Jane Darwell.

      Red finishes by introducing his mother & mother-in-law.

    • May 18, 1952
      May 18, 1952
      Episode 34

      Opening monologue - topic: Recent fire at Warner Brothers studio.
      "Telephone Trouble" - Willie Lump Lump gets stuck in a telephone booth.
      "The Absent-Minded Announcer" -  J. Newton Numbskull can't remember the sponsor's name (w/ Tide ad).  
      "Dinner at Cobina Wright's" - Clem Kadiddlehopper as butler at fancy dinner party.

    • May 25, 1952
      May 25, 1952
      Episode 35

      Opening monologue: Topics include students & education.
      "The Hic-Cup Cure" - Clem demonstrates methods of curing hiccups.
      "It's Kind To Your Hands, Too" - Red washes clothes (w/ Tide ad).
      “The Railroad Station” - Willie Lump Lump tries to board a Niagara Falls-bound train.

    • June 1, 1952
      June 1, 1952
      Episode 36

      Opening monologue: Red receives a Father of the Year award from Leonard Rose (LA County supervisor).
      Red does one of his "Gertrude and Heathcliff" routines (conversation between two seagulls).
      "Tornado Deadeye" (aka "Great Saloon Robbery") - Deadeye sketch (w/ Tide ad) featuring tap-dancing by Benny Rubin.

    • June 8, 1952
      June 8, 1952
      Episode 37

      Pantomime: Red demonstrates the various ways that people get into bed.
      "Weepy in the Mountains" - Weepy lives in an isolated cabin (w/ Tide ad).
      "Folding Boy"- Cauliflower McPugg sketch with Gil Perkins and Lucy Knoch.

    • June 15, 1952
      June 15, 1952
      Episode 38

      "Let's Talk about Father"

    • June 22, 1952
      June 22, 1952
      Episode 39

      Genius at Work (w/ Tide ad)
      "Imaginary Dog"
      The Irish Tenor

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