The Red Skelton Show - Season 6

NBC (ended 1971)



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Episode Guide

  • Sailor Takes a Wife
    Sailor Takes a Wife
    Episode 14
    Red's guest is Mickey Rooney. Highlights: Opening: (Mime) Woman waking up, putting on make-up and getting dress. Cookie gets Snorkel to dress as a woman to appear in a man and wife quiz show.
  • Hollywood Agent
    Hollywood Agent
    Episode 37
    Red's guests are Gregory Ratoff, Douglas Fowley and Allen Jenkins. Highlights: A big time movie mogul is seeking a new star and Red plays a variety of roles in his efforts to land the job.
  • Appleby's Invention
    Appleby's Invention
    Episode 36
    Red's guest is Jean Parker. Highlights: George Appleby creates a device that will relieve him of the many, dreary household chores he must perform at Clara's behest.
  • Cookie's Secret
    Cookie's Secret
    Episode 35
    Red's guest is Forrest Tucker. Highlights: Cookie and Muldoon cause a commotion that rocks the Navy when they face banishment to a South Sea Island for over-hearing a secret plan.
  • Clem the Millionaire
    Red's guests are Vincent Price and Jayne Meadows. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper finds himself rewarded for a good deed by bing made heir to a multimillion dollar estate.
  • Cookie in Cuba
    Cookie in Cuba
    Episode 32
    Red's guests are Mickey Rooney and Lina Romay. Highlights: Cookie and Snorkel try to get shore leave in Cuba so they can catch the lucious Carmen's nightclub dancing act and wind up getting into more trouble.
  • Bolivar's Double
    Bolivar's Double
    Episode 28
    Red's guests are Gerald Mohr and Virginia Grey. Highlights: Bolivar Shagnasty is fleeing from the police and takes refuge in the Appleby household. Poor George winds up being mistaken for the jewel thief.
  • Mean Little Girl
    Mean Little Girl
    Episode 27
    Red's guest is Evelyn Rudie (as Phoebe). Also appearing are Mary Beth Hughes and Lyle Talbott. Highlights: Bumbling George Appleby has to play nursemaid to his boss' nasty little daughter, Phoebe (Evelyn Rudie) who steps into the spotlight as "the mean wittle girl" an adaptation of Skelton's famous radio character, the "mean wittle lad".moreless
  • Robinson Crusoe
    Robinson Crusoe
    Episode 26
    Red's guests are Reginald Denny and Alan Mowbray. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader finds a way to earn an easy fortune if he can survive six months on a deserted Pacific Island. He experiences this unusual turnabout when he becomes a savory delicacy in the eyes of cannibals on the desert island.moreless
  • Romeo and Juliet
    Romeo and Juliet
    Episode 25
    Red's guests are Jackie Coogan, Arnold Stang and Sue Carlton. Highlights: Muldoon is intent on his ship company winning a fleet drama award which offers shore leave in Japan. Consequently, he has cast Cookie (Red) as a six-foot-three Romeo and Snorkel as a five-foot-three Juliet. A pretty stowaway also gets into the picture.moreless
  • Appleby Goes Abroad
    Appleby Goes Abroad
    Episode 19
    Red's guest is Elena Verdugo. Highlights: Poor George Appleby always winds up the victim of uninvited trouble, especially when he's on vacation in Tangier.
  • Reporter Clem
    Reporter Clem
    Episode 18
    Red's guest is George Raft. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper gets a job at a newspaper after winning a journalism award. George Raft plays Ace Williams, a gangster that Clem is assigned to follow.
  • The Medicine Man
    The Medicine Man
    Episode 33
    Red's guests are Pat O'Brien and Amanda Blake. Highlights: San Fernando Red suddenly finds himself being lynched in a Mid-west town after the never-too-smooth con man tries to peddle a fraudulent elixir.
  • Freddie the Star
    Freddie the Star
    Episode 34
    Red's guests are Allen Jenkins, Lyle Talbot, Frank Wilcox and Rex Allen. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader is suddenly sought after by Hollywood pulse feelers when they discover that an old flop movie he once made stampedes the Nation's small fry. Of course the "plot" provides for Freddie being located and groomed for a starring comeback.moreless
  • Freddie's Surprise Party
    Red's guest is Edward Everett Horton (as Smitty). Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader is given a surprise party by his friends of "Paradise Lane". The party is a send-off to Europe on the Ile de France.
  • Appleby's House
    Appleby's House
    Episode 23
    Red's guest is Virginia Grey. Highlights: Appleby is victimized by real estate operators who sell him a house that's a termite haven and near collapse. Later, George and Clara Appleby discover that it is a greatly desired piece of property.
  • Happy Helper
    Happy Helper
    Episode 30
    Red's guest is Una Merkel. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader and his friends of the road are befriended by a charitable and wealthy matron whos "Happy Helper" group seeks to rehabilitate the hoboes. Mrs. Van Wyck (Una Merkel) turns her sumptuous mansion into a club for Freddie and his chums.
  • Bolivar's Song
    Bolivar's Song
    Episode 3
    Red's guest is Gale Robbins. Highlights: Bolivar Shagnasty, a cook yearns to be a famous song writer. His waitress-girlfriend (Gale Robbins), wants to make it as a singer, helps Bolivar sell his compositions.
  • Olympic Clem
    Olympic Clem
    Episode 2
    Red's guest is Corinne Calvet. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper goes to Melbourne, Australia to participate in the Olympic games as a weight-lifter. But he's distracted by a beautiful spy (Corinne Calvet) who wants Clem to lose to her country's team.
  • McPugg's Comeback
    McPugg's Comeback
    Episode 1
    Red's guest is Rocky Marciano. Highlights: Rocky meets McPugg during a workout in the gym where McPugg is a janitor. Always dreaming of being a fighter himself and although he has never made it through the first round, fighter Cauliflower McPugg challenges Rocky Marciano.
  • Freddie Votes
    Freddie Votes
    Episode 4
    Red's guest is Allen Jenkins. Higlights: Freddie the Freeloader finds himself the center of attention in a local election. His vote will be the deciding one, and both candidates try to win Freddie to their side.
  • The Magic Shoes
    The Magic Shoes
    Episode 5
    Red's guests are Sally Forrest, Roland Winters and Nancy Kulp. Highlights: A ballerina turns down the marriage proposal of Clem Kadiddlehopper, a cobbler's son.
  • Appleby's Million
    Appleby's Million
    Episode 6
    Red's guest is Virginia Grey. Highlights: George Appleby, a wife-eaten worm of a husband, receives $1,000,000 from a "Mr. Johnson" with instructions he can have the cash If he never reveals from whence It came. The wife and mother-in-law get together to enjoy this fortune but when they read that a bank was robbed and there is a $50,000 reward for the robber, their true colors show through to make trouble for all concerned.moreless
  • Clem's Fish Market
    Clem's Fish Market
    Episode 24
    Red's guests are Chester Morris, Robert Armstrong and Veda Ann Borg. Also appearing are Lennie Bremen, Frankie Darro, Isabel Randolph and Frank Richards. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper runs a fish market on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, unwittingly Clem becomes the target of waterfront racketeers who offer protection run by Mob Boss, Tony (Chester Morris).moreless
  • San Fernando's Showboat
    Red's guests are Charlie Ruggles and Marie Windsor. Highlights: San Fernando Red runs a crooked Mississippi Showboat, falls in love with a Plantation owner's daughter.
  • Resolutions
    Episode 12
    Red's guest is Audrey Totter. Highlights: Red plays two different characters who are having problems sticking to their New Year's resolutions, especially since the resolutions were made by their wives. 1) 'Appleby's Diet' - Clara Appleby puts George on a diet. (2) 'Willie on the Wagon' - Willie Lump-Lump's wife plans to put an end to his drinking.moreless
  • San Fernando Goes Straight
    Red's guest is Ruth Hussey. Highlights: A department store owner (Ruth Hussey) is having serious robbery problems at the store and figures it takes a crook to catch a crook and hires con man San Fernando Red a store detective.
  • Cop and the Anthem (Christmas 1956)
    Red's guests are Allen Jenkins, Sara Berner and the Mitchell Boys Choir. Highlights: An adaptation of O. Henry's classic story of a tramp who seeks shelter from the Christmas Day cold by trying to get thrown in jail. This appears to have been a re-staging of the 1955 Christmas episode.
  • Clem Goes to Hollywood
    Red's guests are Marilyn Maxwell, John Carradine and Fritz Feld. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper offers a helping hand to a stranded movie actress, played by Marilyn Maxwell. He soon finds himself embroiled in a Hollywood musical version of "Hamlet".
  • The Atomic Sailor
    The Atomic Sailor
    Episode 8
    Red's guests are Boris Karloff and Eva Gabor. Highlights: Cookie (Red) gets kidnapped by a Mad Scientist (Karloff) when he comes into the possession of atomic secrets. He cries like a baby (June Foray provides the baby cries) and finds himself in hot water at every turn.
  • The First Thanksgiving
    Red's guest is Lola Albright. Also appearing are Kathryn Card and Gil Stewart. Highlights: A Thanksgiving story during Pilgrim times of the rivalry and courtship between John Alden and Miles Standish over the lovely Priscilla Mullins immortalized in the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow poem.
  • Clem Strikes Oil
    Clem Strikes Oil
    Episode 21
    Red's guests are Carol Channing and Peter Lorre. Also appearing are Jan Arvan and Richard Deacon. Highlights: Opening: Little Boy plants his first seed with his Grandfather. Clem finds oil on the farm and buys a TV studio to make Daisy June a star.
  • Contest Winner
    Contest Winner
    Episode 15
    Red's guest is Vincent Price. Also starring as Muggsy is Allen Jenkins. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader wins a trip to Paris in a contest and the sponsors are sending him to Vincent Price to learn some gentlemanly habits.
  • Cauliflower Wrestler
    Red's guest is James Dunn. Highlights: Cauliflower McPugg learns that if he wins a bout one gambling faction will rub him out, and if he loses another will do the same. McPugg asks his manager (James Dunn) what action he should take.
  • Freddie Finds a Headlight
    Red's guests are Allen Jenkins, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, with a cameo by Jack Benny. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader and Muggsy (Allen Jenkins) learn that the headlight they found belongs to Jack Benny's 1920 Maxwell.
  • Freddie the Count
    Freddie the Count
    Episode 13
    Red's guest is Cesar Romero. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader finds himself involved in a Parisian plot to perpetuate a swindle on a French millionaire. Pierre (Cesar Romero) is a suave swindler who poses as a hobo in order to palm himself off as the missing son of Frontenac, a millionaire.
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