The Red Skelton Show - Season 7

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Bolivar and the Lost Patrol
    Red's guests are Lon Chaney Jr, Sessue Hayakawa, Clifford Kawada, Fuji, George O'Hanlon and Sam Flint. Highlights: Red as Cookie the sailor has been on a Pacific atoll and is unaware that the war has been over for thirteen years. Also trapped on the island are Japanese soldiers and a very, very obnoxious American sergeant.moreless
  • Cauliflower’s Reducing Parlor
    Red's guest is Jayne Meadows. Highlights: Cauliflower McPugg and his girlfriend enter the weight-reducing business after the punchy boxer is brought home on a stretcher. The problem is that they learn their building is to be torn down.
  • Freddie and the Millionaire
    Red's guests are Charles Ruggles, Marie Windsor and Ann Dore. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader becomes pals with jaunty millionaire Charlie Ruggles and they have such a good time together that Freddie even gets a free trip to Hawaii. Let it Freddie and Charlie they manage to bump into Tondelayo.
  • Appleby Wins a House (a.k.a. Game Show)

    Red's guest is Marilyn Maxwell. Also appearing are Don Wilson and Stephen Dunne. Highlights: George Appleby wins a house on a TV quiz show.

  • Friends of Red Skelton Variety Show
    Red Skelton did not appear on this show due to the death of his son. (Two days earlier, on May 10, 1958, Skelton's 9-year-old son Richard died from leukemia.) Several of Red's show business friends filled in for him. Highlights: Milton Berle was the guest host. James Arness makes a cameo, interrupting Berle's monolog. Jimmie Rodgers sings "Make Me A Miracle". Vincent Price recites of lyrics to "Little Blue Man," a popular novelty tune. Jo Stafford sings "The Nearness of You". Donald O'Connor and Sidney Miller play songwriters in a comedy sketch. Also appearing: David Rose and his Orchestra.moreless
  • San Fernando's Singing Sensation
    Red's guests are Mona Freeman and Randy Sparks. Highlights: San Fernando turns a country boy into a rock 'n' roll sensation. Then the boy receives his draft notice.
  • George Appleby's Midnight Ride
    Red's guest is Audrey Totter. Highlights: George Appleby takes a job as a high school history teacher.
  • Clem the Artist
    Clem the Artist
    Episode 28
    Red's guest is John Carradine. Also appearing are Joan Tabor, Barbara Morrison, Franklin Pangborn and Diana Crawford. Highlights: Cold opening: Little old man and a little boy are watching a baseball game through a fence. Clem Kadiddlehopper gets a visit to his farm from artist Gregory Reeves who wants to paint some landscapes and discovers that Clem has a strange talent for painting. He decides to take Clem to New York and capitalize on the hillbilly's skill.moreless
  • Freddie's College Reunion
    Red's guests are Dick Foran and Craig Stevens. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader attends a college reunion.
  • Bolivar Gets Amnesia
    Red's guests are Barbara Nichols and Lynn Bari. Highlights: Red plays two parts, the swaggering Bolivar Shagnasty and the meek George Appleby. This gives him a chance to have two girls - blonde, sexy Barbara Nichols, and Lynn Bari who plays a tough wife, so Red gets belted in the head a couple of times and skitters from girl to girl.moreless
  • San Fernando's Filibuster
    Red's guests are Ruth Hussey and Bill Goodwin. Highlights: San Fernando Red is running for re-election to the town assembly. After the election he is accused of stuffing the ballot box in his own behalf.
  • Clem and the Photographer
    Red's guest is Billy Gilbert. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper accidently takes a picture of a bank robbery while visiting his uncle's photography shop.
  • Cauliflower's Hamburger Stand
    Red's guest is Marie Wilson. Highlights: Cauliflower McPugg, unwittingly becomes involved with two hoodlums when his hamburger stand becomes a drop off point and his girlfriend bait.
  • Appleby and the Ape
    Appleby and the Ape
    Episode 22
    Red's guests are Cedric Hardwicke, Lon Chaney Jr, John Carradine and Vicki Raaf. Highlights: George Appleby works as a laboratory assistant. He doesn't know that he's working for a pair of mad scientists who plan to put his brain into an ape's body.
  • Clem, the Dentist
    Clem, the Dentist
    Episode 21
    Red's guests are Amanda Blake, Reed Hadley and Frank Wilcox. Also appearing are Phil Arnold, Benny Baker, Jack Boyle and Ann Dore. Highlights: Cold opening: Old Man watching a parade. Clem Kaddiddlehopper, the country bumpkin, moves to the big city and attends a phony dental school.
  • Freddie's New Home
    Freddie's New Home
    Episode 20
    Red's guest is Vincent Price. Highlights: During a violent thunderstorm, Freddie the Freeloader and his pal Muggsy (Vincent Price) avert disaster by saving a train. In recognition for their bravery, the railroad awards Freddie and Muggsy with a new, modern home.
  • Appleby's Garage
    Appleby's Garage
    Episode 19
    Red's guests are Mary Beth Hughes and Jackie Cooper. Also appearing are Joseph Vitale, John Mitchum, Franklin Pangborn and Jim Cross. Highlights: Cold opening: A Pretty Girl at a filling station. A series of murders have taken place in George Appleby's town. Convinced that he can solve the crimes, George, and his wife Clara, look for the murderer.moreless
  • Clem, the Bullfighter
    Red's guest is Rita Moreno. Highlights: Country boy Clem Kadiddlehopper turns bullfighter, finds himself in the middle of one of Mexico's big arenas facing a mean bull to impress a lovely senorita.
  • Bolivar's Beauty Shop
    Red's guests are Nancy Walker and Hope Emerson. Also appearing are William Bakewell, Pamela Duncan, Joan Tabor and Jack Mann. Highlights: Impressed with Bolivar's hair-styling talents, his girlfriend and her mother decide to set him up in business. But business goes badly for Bolivar's beauty salon until movie star Valerie Venton visits. Valerie is so pleased with his work that she takes Bolivar back to Hollywood to open a shop.moreless
  • Freddie Finds A Fortune
    Red's guest is Gerald Mohr. Highlights: A bank robber, running from the law, hides stolen cash in the city dump where Freddie the Freeloader lives. Freddie thinks he's died and gone to Heaven when he finds the bundle.
  • Calypso Clem
    Calypso Clem
    Episode 15
    Red's guest is Leo Carillo. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper is a waiter on a ship and poses as a Latin-American dictator until the real Dictator appears.
  • The Three Musketeers
    Red's guests are Andy Devine, John Carradine, Sterling Holloway, Valerie Allen and Franklin Pangborn. Highlights: A filmed program in a takeoff of Alexander Dumas' classic tale of "The Three Musketeers" done Skelton style.
  • Willie on the Wagon
    Willie on the Wagon
    Episode 13
    Red's guests are Mercedes McCambridge and Charles Ruggles. Highlights: Willie Lump Lump suffers from a severe hang-over after New Year's Eve. Willie's wife Nancy is up in arms about Willie when he arrives home in a street cleaner's cart, she tries to sober him up for the arrival of her beloved Uncle Clarence, head of the local chapter of the Temperance Society.moreless
  • The Third Wish
    The Third Wish
    Episode 12
    Red's guests are James Dunn, Richard Eyer and the Mitchell Boys Choir. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader repairs broken toys for distribution to needy children at Christmas time with the aid of a magic lamp.
  • Deadeye the Outlaw
    Deadeye the Outlaw
    Episode 11
    Red's guest is Mickey Rooney. Also appearing are Jack Kirkwood and Ray Kellogg. Highlights: Deadeye the most feared gunman in the Old Southwest terrorizes an Arizona town until the return of the Sheriff's college-educated son.
  • The Round Table
    The Round Table
    Episode 10
    Red's guests are Hans Conried and Benny Baker. Highlights: A King Arthur spoof with Red Skelton trying to become a knight.
  • Freddie's Thanksgiving
    Red's guest is Edward Everett Horton. Highlights: Freddie the Freeolader tries to hide his poverty from relatives when he and Muggsy are invited to his Freddie's sister's home on Thanksgiving.
  • Bolivar the Repairman
    Red's guest is Lola Albright. Highlights: Foreign spies think they've kidnapped a famous nuclear scientist. But their hostage is actually Bolivar Shagnasty, a washing machine repairman.
  • Monsieur Clem's Fashions
    Red's guest is Vincent Price. Highlights: Mr. Pierre (Vincent Price) had a sucessful career desiging men's clothes. Then he made the mistake of hiring Clem Kadiddlehopper.
  • Appleby's Patio
    Appleby's Patio
    Episode 6
    Red's guest is Peter Lorre. Mary Beth Hughes appears as Clara Appleby. Highlights: Clara Appleby badgers her husband George into constructing a backyard patio and barbecue. As George digs the foundation, he attracts the attention of a shady character (Peter Lorre). Apparently, the man secretly buried something in the yard years earlier that he doesn't want George to discover. A small neighbor boy becomes suspicious remembering that he has not seen Mrs. Appleby for some time.moreless
  • Cookie and the Satellite
    Red's guests are Jackie Coogan and Bob Sweeney. Highlights: Sailors Cookie (Skelton) and Gabby (Bob Sweeney) find themselves being launched into outer-space thinking that they know how the Russians launched Sputnik, until Officer Muldoon catches them in the act.
  • Cesar Romero hires Deadeye for a TV Series
    Red's guest is Cesar Romero. Highlights: Cesar Romero plays as an advertising-agency executive hires Sheriff Deadeye to star in a new Western TV series.
  • Appleby's Cake
    Appleby's Cake
    Episode 3
    Red's guest is Virginia Grey. Highlights: Clara Appleby badgers her henpecked husband George into entering a baking competition.
  • Clem and the Journalist
    Red's guests are Carol Channing, Hans Conreid, Paul Coates and Jean Porter. Highlights: Hans Conreid plays a journalist whose recent book exposes a gang of hoodlums. But he's too scared to use his own name so he credits the book to Clem Kadiddlehopper.
  • Freddie and the Brooklyn Dodgers
    Red's guests are Marie Wilson, Marilyn Maxwell and Lyle Talbot. Also appearing are Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Don Drysdale (pitcher of the Brooklyn Dodgers), outfielder Gino Cimoli (Dodger outfielder), and Tom Harmon (sports broadcaster). Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader finds himself in the middle of the Dodgers proposed move to Los Angeles. His shack is located on part of the site they want for their new ballpark and he refuses to move. To get him to change his mind, Marie Wilson and Marilyn Maxwell pay him a visit.moreless