The Red Skelton Show - Season 8

NBC (ended 1971)




Episode Guide

  • Vinnie the P
    Vinnie the P
    Episode 32

    Red's guest is Vincent Price. Also appearing are John Hoyt, Elena Verdugo, Henry Kulky and Gil Stuart.
    Main Sketch:

    "Cauliflower In Hollywood" (a.k.a. "Vinnie the P") - Cauliflower McPugg fights actor Carlyle Wentworth (Vincent Price) in a grudge-match over the actor's girlfriend.
    Opening: Athletes. Fixing a tire.

  • Freddie the Singer
    Freddie the Singer
    Episode 31
    Red's guest is Frank McHugh. Also appearing are Gil Stuart, Maudie Prickett, Barbara Clark, Carol Sykes, Rita D'Amico, Sid Kane, Gavin Gordon, Helen Kleeb and Monty Margelis. Highlights: The Skelton Dancers open the show backed by the music of David Rose and His Orchestra. Freddie the Freeloader and Muggsy find themselves spinning up into the economic stratosphere of the music recording business to become a "teen" music sensation when he records a hit record.moreless
  • Appleby the Witness
    Appleby the Witness
    Episode 30
    Red's guest is Audrey Totter. Also appearing are Ray Kellogg and series writer Dave O'Brien. Highlights: After witnessing a gangland murder, George Appleby and his wife (Audrey ) become scared for his life.
  • San Fernando the Swami
    Red's guests are Wanda Hendrix and Barbara Morrison. Highlights: Wily San Fernando Red turns to the crystal ball racket and predicts that a wealthy widow will marry him.
  • Rapid Growth
    Rapid Growth
    Episode 28

    Red's guest is Peter Lorre. Also appearing are Maudie Prickett, Peter Mamakos, Jeane Wood and Olive Brasno.
    Main sketch:

    Clem Kaddidlehopper sells a vacuum cleaner to a mad scientist and ends up the midget- result of the mad doctor's experiment.

  • Freddie and the Mother's Day Party

    Red's guests are Dick Foran and Don Wilson.
    Main sketch:

    Freddie the Freeloader's wealthy brother Harold invites Freddie and Muggsy to a high-society Mother's Day party.
    (Some sources list Harold as Freddie's brother-in-law.)

  • Appleby's Formula
    Appleby's Formula
    Episode 26
    Red's guest is Marilyn Maxwell. Highlights: George Appleby discovers a formula that will wipe out smog in Los Angeles and his wife Clara (Marilyn Maxwell) discovers that smog isn't all that the formula will make disappear.
  • Deadeye and Slim Dan

    Red's guest is John Carradine. Also appearing are Vicki Raaf, Marshall Reed, Dick Elliott, Glen Turnbull, Michael Ross and Dick Ryan.
    Main sketch:
    "Deadeye And The Rustlers" (aka "Deadeye and Slim Dan") - Local bigwig Slim Jim (Carradine), wanting to prove to the townspeople that he's serious about fighting crime, appoints Deadeye as the town's marshal. Deadeye is unaware that the town has lost 41 marshals in a month ... or that Slim Jim is actually the boss of a gang of rustlers.

  • Cookie and the Japanese Beauty
    Red's guests are Jackie Coogan and Nobu McCarthy. Also appearing are Gil Stratton and program writer Dave O'Brien. Highlights: Cookie the Sailor invades the shores of Japan to romance a Japanese beauty.
  • George's Band
    George's Band
    Episode 23
    Red's guests are Mickey Rooney and Mary Beth Hughes. Also appearing are Dick Winslow and Allen Ruess. Highlights: Hen-pecked George Appleby rents his spare room to beatnik musicians. Mary Beth plays George's bad-tempered wife and Mickey is the beatnik who rents the room and triggers all the trouble.
  • Freddie's Hideout
    Freddie's Hideout
    Episode 22
    Red's guest is Frank Lovejoy. Also appearing are Lennie Bremen, Jimmy Cross, James Flavin and Phil Arnold. Highlights: Opening, a woman used good looks in a court case. Ace, a bank robber uses Freddie's shack as a hideout.
  • Humphrey Scool of Dramatic Arts
    Red's guest is Garry Moore. Also appearing are Jan Arvan, Marshall Reed, Stanley Adams, Jimmy Cross, Lennie Weinrib, Peter Leeds and Mona Watson. Highlights: Clem Kaddidlehopper, worms his way into the rehearsal hall of the Garry Moore Show where the crewcut comedian mistakes him for a relative and fits him into his program.moreless
  • San Fernando Loses the Dixie Queen
    Red's guests are Cesar Romero and Terry Moore. Also appearing are Morris Ankrum and Dick Ryan. Highlights: San Fernando Red, a gambler and confidence man who operates a river boat. Romero will portray a suave gambler who is a more crooked card shark than San Fernando, and Miss Moore will play San Fernando's beautiful daughter. Red is blissfully cheating the customers until Romero shows up. Romero out-slicks, him and Red finds himself a cabin boy on his own boat.moreless
  • Clem in Miami Beach
    Clem in Miami Beach
    Episode 19

    Red's guests are Arthur Godfrey, Keefe Brasselle, and the Henry Vee Aqua Frolics Water Show.
    Main Sketch:
    On vacation in Miami Beach, Clem Kadiddlehopper agrees to judge a beauty contest. Trouble appears in the form of two gun-toting hoods who want to influence Clem's decision. Godfrey and Brasselle appear as the other pageant judges.
    Also included in the cast are Clegg Hoyt, Joan Lahau, Dave O'Brien (also one of the show's writers), Cici Reynolds, Gil Stuart, Mike Stuart, and Jack Boyle.

  • Freddie Gets a Job
    Freddie Gets a Job
    Episode 18

    Red's guest is Mona Freeman. Also appearing are Frank Wilcox, George N. Neise and Frank Mitchell.
    Main Sketch:
    Freddie the Freeloader faces the prospect of being heir to a fortune, on condition that he perform one honest day's work within an immediate 30 day period.

  • Clem and the Merry Widow
    Red's guests are Gerald Mohr and Mary Beth Hughes. Also appearing are Jan Arvan, Frank Wilcox and Robert Paget. Highlights: Clem Kadiddlehopper sets out to find a wife and becomes the target of a designing woman.
  • Cauliflower and the Kidnappers
    Lee Aaker of TV's Rin Tin Tin is Red's guest. Highlights: Cauliflower McPugg is hired by a wealthy mother to take her pampered son (Lee) in hand and make a man of him.
  • January 27, 1959: Appleby and the Ice Man
    Red's guests are Lon Chaney Jr. and Marilyn Maxwell.


    George Appleby, explorer finds a perfectly preserved caveman (Lon Chaney Jr.) on a Polar Expedition and brings him home to Clara, who makes the mistake of thawing him out.
  • Bashful Clem
    Bashful Clem
    Episode 14
    Red's guest is Janis Paige. Highlights: A teacher (Janis Paige) invites Clem Kadiddlehopper to a masquerade party in hopes that the anonymity will help Clem overcome his shyness.
  • Freddie and the Spies
    Red's guest is Edward Everett Horton. Highlights: A Little Boy makes rocket fuel. Freddie guards a box from spies.
  • San Fernando Red in Alaska
    Red's guest is Edie Adams. Highlights: San Fernando cons miners out of gold mines. Also: Edie Adams impersonates many stars.
  • The Cop and the Anthem (Version 3)

    Red Skelton's third staging of O. Henry's classic Christmas story, adapted for Skelton's Freddie the Freeloader character.
    Homeless Freddie tries to get into jail for a bit of shelter on a cold New York Christmas night. But in spite of all his efforts, the poor man can't get himself arrested.

  • Clem the Interior Designer
    Red's guest is Virginia Grey. Highlights: Clem Kaddidlehopper adventure into the art of interior decorating.
  • Bolivar and the Double Date
    Red's guests are Joanne Dru and Marvin Kaplan. Highlights: Red plays Bolivar Shagnasty, an Army private who tries to get his buddy a date with their sergeant's girlfriend.
  • Freddie and the Turkey Dinner
    Red's guest is William Frawley. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader tries to obtain a good turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Being a bum, he is treated like one, by a variety of characters. William Frawley as a skinflint restaurant owner, Henry Kulky as a Dishwasher, Isobel Randolph as Mrs. Henderson, Ray Kellogg as the Delivery man, James Burke as Clancy, Dick Crockett as the Gentleman, Dick Elliot as the Hearty Man and Ann Dore as the Waitress.moreless
  • Deadeye the Indian Scout
    Red's guests are Vanessa Brown and Jack Kirkwood. Highlights: Deadeye, Ace Indian Scout leads a wagon trail across the Western plains. Jack Kirkwood as Wagon Train Leader and Vanessa Brown as his daughter. Deadeye's problem is his inability to discover which is West and which is East. And the Indians make things harder for him to have a romance with the trainmaster's daughter.moreless
  • Appleby Goes Hunting

    Red's guest is Marilyn Maxwell.
    Main Sketch
    Caught in a cloudburst, George Appleby and his fellow hunters take refuge in a concrete bunker, not realizing they're at "Ground Zero" on an Atomic Bomb test site. 

  • Clem Sings
    Clem Sings
    Episode 5
    Red's guests are Rudy Vallee and Reed Hadley. Highlights: Clem Kaddidlehopper comes to the city to take singing lessons and ends up in Carnegie Hall.
  • Freddie and the Election

    Red's guests are Ann Rutherford and Maxie Rosenbloom.
    Main Sketch:
    Freddie the Freeloader, unhappy with conditions at the City Dump, runs against Councilman Smith in the upcoming election. Ann Rutherford plays Freddie's political adviser.

  • Bolivar the Quiz Champ
    Red's guests are Barbara Nichols (who plays Bolivar's girlfriend, Gertie) and quiz master Ralph Story of "$64,000 Challenge". Highlights: Red ends up as a final contestant on "Million Dollar Challenge".
  • Clem and the Satellite

    Red's guests are Gene Raymond and John Carradine.
    Main Sketch
    Clem Kadiddlehopper rents his barn to rocket scientist Dr. Offenbacher (Carradine). After he accidentally launches Offenbacher into space, Clem is credited as the rocket's inventor and is labeled a "genius."

  • Freddie and the World Series Ticket
    Red's guest is Liberace. Also appearing are Sandra Giles, Richard Eyer and Hector Torres. Highlights: Freddie the Freeloader wins a free ticket to the World Series.