The Remarkable 20th Century

PBS Premiered Jan 01, 2000 Unknown


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The Remarkable 20th Century

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The Remarkable 20th Century from PBS recounts the most significant events of the past one hundred years. Each episode explores a ten-year period with a comprehensive review of world events, American sports, national politics, scientific advances and the entertainment industry. The Panama Canal, the birth of movies and the Wright Brothers represent the transition from the Wild West to the industrial age. The century's advances in science and technology are discussed beginning with Henry Ford's mass production of cars to today's automobiles that feature high-end entertainment systems. The early space program is the subject of an interview with Gordon Cooper, one of the original astronauts. Henry Kissinger, General Colin Powell, Walter Cronkite and other history experts discuss the century's many wars. Jesse Jackson discusses the early days of the Civil Rights movement. Other events include Einstein's theories, Roosevelt's New Deal, and the hysteria created by "The War of the Worlds."

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