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The Ren & Stimpy Show

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)


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The show follows two characters - Ren, a crazy Chihuahua - and - Stimpy, an incredibly stupid cat - as they think up to all kinds of hair brained schemes and get themselves into some sticky situations. Creator John Kricfalusi (John K.) first pictured them as separate characters. Back then, Kricfalusi worked for Filmation and always yearned to bring back the style and energy of the classic Warner Bros. Bob Clampett cartoons of the golden age. So his best entertainment was making his own characters and casting them in his own imaginary stories for the benefit of his equally tired co-workers. In the late 80s, Kricfalusi started to break the barrier for animation with 'remakes' of Mighty Mouse and Beany & Cecil. But this was just the beginning. John K. brought back his doodles of the wily Chihuahua and the idiotic cat to star in their own cartoon. Finally in 1989, he, Jim Smith and Bob Camp came together to create 'Big House Blues' the first cartoon to star his creations, Ren and Stimpy. In 1990, Viacom's kids' network, Nickelodeon got hold of the film and asked Kricfalusi and his crew to make an entire series of Ren and Stimpy shorts and from that moment on, Spümcø was formed. The Ren and Stimpy Show debuted in August 1991 with a two-part episode, 'Stimpy's Big Day / The Big Shot' and became an instant hit. It was the third Nicktoon ever to be aired on the Network alongside Doug and Rugrats. Nick execs quickly sought argument over certain scenes in the shorts and Spümcø fought back. Spümcø introduced a new character come second season, Ren and Stimpy's master, George Liquor. Nick hated George, because they thought he was too mean and his last name sounded too much like 'lick her'. But the real reason why George never made it was because he was simply too 'adult' by Nick's standards. Due to controversial setbacks and numerous edits, Nick finally fired Spümcø and got hold of Ren and Stimpy, therefore taking John K.'s creations away from him. Nick then lured away two of John K.'s best friends and co-workers Bob Camp and Billy West and created Games Animation to 'take care' of Ren and Stimpy. On December 16 1995, Nick aired the last episode produced by Games, 'A Scooter for Yaksmas' and finally cancelled the show after a 5 season run.

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Fan Reviews (144)

  • Weird, but one of the best animated Nick shows ever.

    I don't care what anyone says, I like this show.
  • Nothing redeeming about the show

    First off, the show rips off "2 Stupid Dogs" so I feel it has almost no originality and the jokes are pretty sick. Plus, like the TV show "Hannible", the show is clearly misrated as Nickelodeon made this show but they gave us one that really deserve to be on Adult Swim at a midnight showing. To sumarize: The show is misrated and unoriginal like "Family Guy", it has the disturbing nature of "Hannible", the sickness in the jokes like "Family Guy" again and "American Dad". Like the title of the review I wrote, I find nothing redeeming about this show.

    And the only cartoon dog that I still like is Vinny Griffin (the replacment dog on Family Guy) and mabye the 2 stupid dogs from there show. These 2 dogs are just forgetable here.moreless
  • The show WAS good, but declined when John K. got fired after Season 1 and got a new production team for Season 2.

    Ren and Stimpy started out great on August 11, 1991. But when you compare that to the series finale which aired on December 16, 1995, you see a completely different show. And not in the good way.

    The reason why you see the horrid difference between these two sided book ends, is because after Season 1, which had 18 episodes, premiering August 11, 1991 ending May 23, 1993, John K. got fired because of the violent scenes in Man's Best Friend, which was the eighth episode of Season 1, airing June 6, 1992.

    And so, a new team took over the show. Then it all went downhill.

    The second season, was the Games side. Lasting episodes 19-52, the last 34 episodes of the show, lasting from November 20, 1993 to December 16, 1995, I guess we can all say the second season was a complete disaster because of the Games' poor writing.

    One Season 2 episode had a Scotsman in space (which is also the name of the episode), which doesn't make any sense at all. The episode itself was horrible. Another Season 2 had Stimpy in love with a chicken. And yes, it's dumber than it sounds.

    Compare those two abominations to all the Season 1 classics like Stimpy's Invention or Stimpy's Fan Club. Two great episodes!

    In the first season we see a classical, humorous show, but in the second season, we see the complete opposite.

    This show gets a 4.5/10. An 8/10 for Season 1, and 2/10 for Season 2. This averages out to 4.5 instead of 5, because Season 2 was as almost twice the length of Season 1. It's a shame how one side of the show can be amazing, while the other side is complete junk.

  • My Suggestion...

    Don't whiz on the Electric Fence.
  • May not be one of the greatest shows of all time, it does deserve some respect.

    One of the 3 original Nicktoons, Ren and Stimpy is remembered for being very fast paced and zany. Ren is is a rude, skinny chihuahua, and Stimpy is a cute, lovable but dumb cat. The first 2 seasons, produced by Spumco, were decent, though I'm not really a big fan of a few episodes. After that Spumco was fired and replaced by Games Animation. The next 3 seasons was just an embarassing mess. The episodes weren't as funny, the animation was a bit bland, and the episodes just had Ren and Stimpy being beat up for no reason. And what's even more baffling is that these episodes were even more disturbing and violent than the first 2 seasons. The final season, known as the "Adult Party" series, was produced by Spumco again. I honestly liked these episodes, except for "Naked Beach Frenzy". These episodes were pretty funny, especially "Ren Seeks Help". My only problem with it is that they went a little too far with the gross out humor sometimes. I give season 1 a 9, season 2 an 8.5, season 3 a 5, season 4 a 3, season 5 a 3, and season 6 (APC) a 7.moreless

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