The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 2 Episode 6

Big Baby Scam / Dog Show

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 12, 1992 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • George Liquor in 'Dog Show' says that Stimpy is a Cornish Rex hound. Stimpy actually is a Cornish Rex, a breed of cat with only one layer of fur where most other cats have three.

    • When George Liquor is being judged by the Dog Show judge, the scene cuts to the crowd for a moment. In the crowd is the Gilded Shaven Yak, the Fire Chief, Mrs. Buttloaves, and a charicature of Kricfalusi's hero and fellow animator, Ralph Bakshi.

    • In the last sentence of the episode Dog Show when Ren and Stimpy are hugging and they say "Oh joy" Ren's tail is back after George snapped it off with a rubber band at the start of the episode.

    • When the pre judging is about to begin, the man in front of George, Ren, and Stimpy has a normal sized dog. When his dog is about to be tested the man can hold the dog in the palms of his hands and the dog is much smaller then before. Then when the dog is begging for another chance he goes back over to his owner and the dog is somewhat normal sized again.

    • At the start of 'Dog Show' some of the dogs from the first episode 'Big House Blues' are visible.

    • George Liquor removes Ren's tail with a rubber band, yet the bones of it are visible moments later after his coat buffing goes horribly wrong.

  • Quotes

    • (Ren finds two babies outside through a window)
      Stimpy: (baby-talk) Look at the cute little babies!
      Ren: Cute nothin'! They're deadbeats! Babies are have the world's easiest lives. People feed them, they clothe them, they carry them everywhere they go and they expect nothing in return! In fact, I hear...
      (whispers to Stimpy)
      Ren: They don't even have to whipe themselves!
      Stimpy: (shocked) No!
      Ren: (psychoticly) Yes!

    • Mother: Have we made poopie? (checks Ren) poopies. Well, we won't tell daddy this time, but we want to see poopies!

    • Baby: Out of the way, Jackson! Your're holding up the parade!

  • Notes

    • George Liquor in "Dog Show" says that Stimpy is a Cornish Rex hound. Stimpy actually is a Cornish Rex, a breed of cat with only one layer of fur where most other cats have three.

    • Because 'Dog Show' had already been shown on Spike TV as part of a Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon episode, Spike TV showed 'Big Baby Scam' alongside 'The Littlest Giant'.

    • When Spike TV aired 'Big Baby Scam', the scene where the entire family takes a bath together was left in, but the part where 'Dad' hands the boys to Grandpa, and he starts whistling the "In the Hall of the Mountain King" was cut.

    • Beginning with this episode, Nickelodeon's animation studio 'Games Animation' began working on the show and started trimming and changing the episodes. Most Ren and Stimpy fans agree that this was the point when the show began to suffer.

    • When 'Big Baby Scam' was shown on VH-1 as a part of 'Ren and Stimpy Rocks', the scene where everyone in the family (including Ren and Stimpy) takes a bath together was cut.

    • 'Dog Show' was banned by Nickelodeon because of the character George Liquor and a scene where George's "tail" is shown, which looked like an erection.

  • Allusions

    • The Smothers Bros.

      After the diaper changing scence, Ren - nearly crying - yells 'Mom always did like you best'. This is the same thing Tommy Smothers would say to his brother Dick in their stand up act.