The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 1 Episode 0

Big House Blues (Original Version)

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Aug 18, 1991 on Nickelodeon
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Big House Blues (Original Version)
We learn how Ren and Stimpy are poor and live in the city streets with no food or shelter. Suddenly a dog catcher comes along and takes them to the pound. All looks good, until their newfound friend Phil is "put to sleep." Ren thinks it's only a nap, and falls asleep and dreams he's dating a woman, but winds up kissing Stimpy, waking up to the horrible truth (and then he washes himself in the toilet). Ren hears from another dog, Jasper, that Phil was put to "the big sleep!" Ren freaks out and starts crying, knowing he and Stimpy are doomed. Later, Stimpy coughs up hairballs on Ren, and then a little girl mistakens Ren for a poodle. She adopts him, and then Ren talks the girl into adopting Stimpy. They are happy in their new home, especially Stimpy with his new litterbox.moreless

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  • The Big Sleep?! The Big Sleep?!

    The episode that started it all and is seen at the beginning song of each episode. There are a lot of classic moments that are really funny and show the difference between this and other cartoons. Ren and Stimpy being ran over by the truck was something that wasn't seen much in cartoons, especially the goo that is left over after being hit. My favorite part of the episode was obviously the scene about "the big sleep!" What is weird is that this episode actually had a happen ending, and there aren't that many to be found in this series.moreless
  • Very fine pilot.

    This episode was funny in both, dialogue and scene.

    The pilot episode for Ren and Stimpy was an excellent start for The Ren and Stimpy Show.

    Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat are sitting out on the streets, hungry and whatnot. Enemies in the wild, cat and dog have united in the face of adversity. It seems Old Man Hunger was just-a gnawing away. And Old Man Pidgeon wasn't going to give up his share of food without a fight! Ren and Stimpy get ran over by the truck and are taken to the Pound, where it seems great. That's until Phil gets taken away to "the Big Sleep", which Ren soon realizes that it is death, and that they'll be dead if they don't get out of there. Stimpy coughs up abunch of hairballs on Ren. Ren is mad, at first, but when a little girl comes and thinks that Ren is a poodle, Ren, than, is thrilled and the little girl takes him, but Ren feels symphony for his friend, Stimpy. And decides that he won't go unless the little girl takes Stimpy, too. She, than, replies with an "Okay!". And the two are taken home.

    The scenes were not only funny, but the dialogue was, too.

    Music was placed in, perfectly in this episode.

    A very fine example of what The Ren and Stimpy Show's 1+2 seasons are capable of.moreless
  • A dogcatcher comes to take the pair to the pound. They seem to enjoy thier stay, until Ren discovers that one of the dogs, Phil, was put to sleep. Stimpy, later hurls hairballs at Ren, causing a girl to think he\'s a poodle. Both get a new home in the endmoreless

    Let me just say that when I first say the original \"Big House Blues\", my first thought was, \"Wow\". Some of the backrounds of the show were simply amazing, like those old 50\'s cartoons. The scene with Ren dreaming he\'s with a female chihuahua (who\'s actualy Stimpy!) was hilarious. When Ren woke up, he rushes to a toilet to wash off Stimpy\'s germs, realizing he kissed him in his sleep. That was really funny, and I don\'t get why that part was deleted. Oh well. Anyway, this was a very good cartoon, and you can find the unrated version of this pilot on the Seasons 1 and 2 DVD in the special features. It\'s put with the banned episode \"Man\'s Best Friend\", another hilarious episode. In short, it\'s a series classic!moreless
  • How much more classical can a great television show get?

    This episode made me become a fan of the show, and I will never forget it. I enjoy this episode very much, and I find it to be very funny. It lacks music and sound but what do you want from a first timer. This episode made so many fans, and it started a Ren and Stimpy craze showing their crazy attitudes and mishaps. I liked it that no two backgrounds were the same throughout the episode. I was so surprised to see the Fred and George dogs in a background scene, and I bet many fans of this show never noticed it. This is an excellent episode, and one of many shows to add a definition to the word classic.moreless
Jim Smith

Jim Smith

Narrator / Dog Catcher

Guest Star

Bob Camp

Bob Camp

Effeminate Dog Catcher

Guest Star

Henry Porch

Henry Porch

Phil The Dog

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • The little girl adopts Ren & Stimpy, but, in later episodes, they don't live with her anymore. They live by themselves.

    • A scene where Ren dreams that he's kissing a beautiful woman, only to find out that it's Stimpy and ends up washing his mouth out in the toilet was edited out, but can be seen in the opening theme of The Ren and Stimpy Show.

      In Canada during a film festival, the erotic sleepwalking/toilet scene was left in, but when 'Big House Blues' came to TV, that was cut as it was on American TV.

    • Look for dog versions of Fred Flintstone and George Jetson in some of the background art.

    • Sometimes, when Ren talks, you can see that his mouth doesn't move. For example, when Ren and Stimpy are shaking their heads excitingly.

    • On the title screen, Ren and Stimpy are both bright blue.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ren: Hey, Jasper. Where's Phil?
      Jasper: I told you. They put him to sleep.
      Ren: So wake him up.
      Jasper: You don't wake up from the big sleep.
      Ren: (calm) The big sleep... (freaking out) The big sleep! The big sleep! The big sleep!
      Stimpy: What's the big sleep, Ren?
      Ren: He's...DEAD! Dead, you idiot! You know what dead is?! Just like we'll be if we don't get out of here! (starts sobbing)

    • Narrator: Well, it looks like old man lady luck's just about run out on these two fellers, but always remember that when the black horrid clouds of dispair darken your doorstep, always look for that one ray of hope, that come a shining down from above. (Ren and Stimpy gaze wonderously into the sky)
      Chorus: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Ren and Stimpy are ran over by a truck)

    • (Ren is asleep atop of Stimpy)
      Ren: Oh my darling, my little cucaracha. I kiss your sleep encrusted eyes. I caress your large bulbous nose... ooh, let us join lips een one final sweet exchange of saliva.
      (kisses Stimpy, then wakes up)
      Ren: AHHHH! I've been poisoned! I must wash myself.
      (drinks out of toilet)
      Ren: What's de matter with you man? Have you no sense of hygiene?

  • NOTES (5)


    • The scene where Ren accidentally kisses Stimpy is actually John K.'s tribute to the 1941 Bob Clampett cartoon starring Daffy Duck, 'A Coy Decoy'.