The Ren & Stimpy Show

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • 11/14/96
      Ren and Stimpy disagree about 'Yaksmas'. Stimpy thinks it is a real holiday but Ren just thinks it's silly.
    • The Last Temptation / Reverend Jack Cheese
      The Last Temptation:
      Ren realises he has to be nice to Stimpy after he dies from eating Stimpy's food. Things are looking brighter for Stimpy as he's trying to get rich.

      Reverend Jack Cheese:
      Ren and Stimpy help out an unorthodox reverend who often talks about meat and cheese.
    • Terminal Stimpy / Pen Pals
      Pen Pals:
      Ren and Stimpy get the idea that prisoners have a great lifeafter seeing a TV advert.

      Terminal Stimpy:
      Stimpy starts to worry as he's now used up 7 out of his 9 lives.
    • 11/18/95
      Ren and Stimpy are snowed in. Stimpy amuses himself with watching dark TV, whistling in a bottle and other mundane activities.Ren and Stimpy are watching TV when they see the grand opening of a new jail where the prisoners are treated like kings.
    • School Mates / Dinner Party
      School Mates:
      An old friend of Ren's comes to see him and is shocked that he is only middle and shares his house with a common cat.

      Dinner Party:
      Ren shows the correct way to hold a dinner party and how best to act in front of guests, all of who are familiar faces.moreless
    • I Was a Teenage Stimpy / Who's Stupid Now?
      I Was A Teenage Stimpy:
      Stimpy is starting to go through puberty. At first, Ren is happy to see his pal growing up, but Stimpy's puberty soon starts to drive Ren insane.

      Who's Stupid Now?:
      After Ren and Stimpy are told that their show will be cancelled, Ren offers to do whatever his boss wants in order to keep the show running. The boss accepts and has Ren and Stimpy switch roles in the show.moreless
    • Bellhops / Dog Tags
      Bell Hops:
      Ren and Stimpy are working at a hotel run by That Guy. All is normal until the two have to deliver a package to the mysterious Mr. Noggin. Out of that comes a lot of trouble.

      Dog Tags:
      Ren is going to the Dog Lodge gathering and Stimpy really wants to come with him. Ren reluctantly lets Stimpy go, telling him that he'll make an 'eediot' of himself. Stimpy ends up getting in with no trouble, but Ren is stopped by the guards who tell him that he has to pass a few tests to prove that he really is a dog.moreless
    • 9/26/96
      Stimpy's Pet:
      When a circus clown is left behind, Stimpy offers to look after him.

      Ren's Brain:
      Stimpy decides to become a brain surgeon and when he runs out of brains to remove, he starts work on Ren.
    • 9/19/96
      Hair Of The Cat:
      Ren has problems with his allergies and doesn't know what to do to get rid of them.

      City Hicks:
      Ren and Stimpy leave for pastures new when their beloved field is over run with fruit and vegetables.
    • 9/12/96
      Space Dogged:
      A russian dog-and-cat partnership who are seemingly similar to Ren and Stimpy are about to become the first of their kind to head into space.

      Feud for Sale:
      The 'Space Madness' narrator plays a salesman who tries to out think Abner and Ewalt Nitwit from the episode 'Out West'.moreless
    • Ol' Blue Nose:
      When Ren hits Stimpy in the nose he soon realizes he has a great singing voice. After becoming famous his nose parts ways in protest of being hit too much.

      Stupid Sidekick Union:
      Stimpy hears that the sidekick union is going to go on strike so he wants to help out.moreless
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