The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 4 Episode 6

I Love Chicken / Powdered Toast Man vs. Waffle Woman

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 19, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

I Love Chicken:
Stimpy is preparing Dinner for Ren, until Stimpy falls in love with a Chicken.

PTM vs. Waffle Woman:
A woman tells the story of how her waffle business was ruined because of Powdered Toasts. Meanwhile Powdered Toastman tries to grant a wish for Little Jimmy.moreless
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  • I Love Chicken: Stimpy falls in love with a Chicken. PTM vs. Waffle Woman: A woman tells the story of how her waffle business was ruined because of Powdered Toasts. Meanwhile Powdered Toastman tries to grant a wish for Little Jimmy.moreless

    Way out there with the other Games episode.

    I Love Chicken: Boring! Stimpy thinks he's in love over a chicken. In fact he's in love with one. It's just a chicken Stimpy! At least that ANNOYING Ren ruined Stimpy's love. How did Ren appear without Stimpy noticing AFTER he was on that honeymoon for like 2 weeks?! What I really hate is Stimyp crying for 6 months because that stupid ol' Ren ate his love! Didn't like that episode.


    PTM vs. Waffle Woman: Didn't satisfy me either, because PTM retired crimfighting, Waffle Women got revenge, and PTM got in a fight with Waffle Women over PTM upseting that stupid Little Johny! Didn't like that episode!


    This episode deserves a LOW grade.

    FINAL GRADE: Dmoreless
  • Needs fine-tuning...

    Okay so to start off, I thought that this episode had a lot of potential, but it lacked in certain things...

    To start things off, I would like to discuss about the plot. Not terrible, but not the most attractive. This episode is about where Stimpy unloads the groceries to cook Ren a chicken dinner, and ends up falling in love with the chicken. It starts out fine in the beginning and the episode builds up on suspense when Ren grows more and more impatient. Here's where it starts to go downhill: Stimpy announces that he is engaged and goes out of his way to protect the chicken. This is weird, even for Stimpy. Here's where the episode really plummets: Ren tricks Stimpy into going on a picnic with him just to go out of his way to make him miserable in the end (the results are disastrous). And what's worse is that Ren doesn't even care.

    These are the things that bug me, but above all, this episode(and many others)have truly brought out the worst in Ren. He went from a loveable, misunderstood character to an insensitive, demanding jerk.

    What happened to all of those quality, heart warming moments that us as the fans live for in this show?moreless
  • I Love Chicken: 3 out of 5. PTM vs. Waffle Woman: ZER0!

    The I Love Chicken episode was OK; I actually kinda liked it. But the Waffle Woman episode was, without a doubt, one of the WORST Ren and Stimpy episodes ever! It's unfunny, and that Little Johnny will easily get on your nerves! They tried to make it better with the stormy transformation sequence for Waffle Woman, and it starts good for a few seconds, but it instantly is weighed down for some reason. They also messed up the "I Like Pink" cartoon PTM was watching; they had Poopie saying Explodey's lines! Plus, there are even a couple of scenes in that episode that could be OFFENDING! For one, the President is killed at one part. Plus, during the big battle near the end, we see New York City getting blown up, complete with the World Trade Center in it! I bet they're gonna ban this episode in the future cause of that. Plus, on pre-2001 reruns, they teamed up the PTM vs. Waffle Woman episode with ANOTHER bad one: "Aloha Hoek!"moreless
  • Uhhhhhh..........a bit twisted.

    I didn't mind this episode, it had it's laughs. But it's just to...........................................................................whacked! No that's not the word I'm looking that's it. WTF!

    That's how i would describe it. Ren and Stimpy normally are funny,and twisted. But in this case it's kinda twisted to an insane degree....He gets married to a chicken carcass! WHAT THE HELL! And the ending is horrible and just as disgusting as the beginning. Look I know it's a cartoon but so what, it's fricking gross.

    However there are some funny bits, but generally this wasn't their best. Lacked in story line and was a bit naseauting to watch.moreless
  • I Love Chicken was hilarous and have'nt seen the other episode that much

    I liked I Love Chicken and i was thinking the Games episodes were for little babies when the Spumco episodes rock and is probably the only good Games episode Stimpy falling in love with a chicken Hah! just so funny and when Ren tricks Stimpy into going to a picnic just so he can get away and eat the chicken Stimpy likes Stimpy then goes to his bedroom and cries 6 months later Ren comes and shouts at him using the word ''crap'' at Stimpy strange for a kid's cartoon but oh well it's still cool but strange that there saying it on a kid's cartoon not saying i don't like the word but am saying it is strange but i love that episode but have'nt really seen the PTM vs Waffle Woman episode though/moreless

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