The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 5 Episode 6

I Was a Teenage Stimpy / Who's Stupid Now?

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 10, 1996 on Nickelodeon

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  • I Was A Teenage Stimpy: Stimpy enters purprty?! Who's Stupid Now?: Ren and Stimpy swichs roles, differntly.

    This is NOT one of the best episodes of the series. It's the WORST! Here's why:

    I Was A Teenage Stimpy: If you like watching this show (secratly), DON'T WATCH THIS! It's the worst Ren and Stimpy episode I've seen in my life! One: Stimpy is a ADULT not a kid! Two: Ren was a big jerk after grounding Stimpy forever for no reason. Three: Ren never apologized! Four: Ren hitted Stimpy's cacoon because he stole Ren's magizens. Five: The episode got into my head! I need to take it out! Six: Ren should've gone through prepurty too. Seven: In the ending, Ren learns no lesson, but the grown up Stimpy leaves him an burnes in the sun! Eight: It was all stupid ol' Games fault! Not Ren's! What I did like only about the episode was NOTHING! So, I don't want to see this episode again! Also, I had it with Ren!


    Who's Stupid Now?: Terrible, stupid, and boring combind! Ren and Stimpy changed how they look to avoid cancellation and I can't bear seeing them. The ending sucks too, Stimpy acts like Ren but Ren doesn't know how to act like Stimpy, so whatever... So I won't ever ever see this episode again! For some reason, it was based on a un-made SP episode and Games had run out of ideas for an episode which happened again.


    It's episodes like this I'll ask myself why?