The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 4 Episode 10

Insomaniac Ren / My Shiny Friend

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 21, 1995 on Nickelodeon
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Insomaniac Ren / My Shiny Friend
Insomaniac Ren:
All Ren wants to do is sleep but his insomnia isn't letting him. Stimpy comes up with various different remedies to help cure him.

My Shiny Friend:
Stimpy has become addicted to television so it's up to Ren to get him to stop watching it.moreless

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  • Insomaniac Ren: Stimpy tries to help Ren to give sleep before a big golf tournament the next day. My Shiny Friend: Stimpy is extremly addicted to the television.

    This will be quick so don't worry.

    Insomaniac Ren: I used to like this episode, but my feelings changed for it! This episode is about Ren trying to get some SLEEP! Stimpy uses useless attempts for Ren to get to sleep, until Stimpy falls asleep, but the golfers really tricks Ren hard! Which causes Stimpy to take place for Ren. It wasn't anything interesting, just Ren trying to get some sleep. It's just boring! Games, stop with this big excuse for an episode, whatever happens, it sometimes gets annoying!


    My Shiny Friend: Got good at the beginning, but got horrible at the end. This episode was really overated (or was it?)! This is about Stimpy being friends with the TV. Here's what gets worse: he can't stop watching! What gets more worse is the events! They all sucked! First Stimpy bakes a chicken when watching "Cookin' with Chicken (Mmm!)" but... fireman comes and watches with Stimpy. What?! Later, Ren was an eedoit, he broke the TV! What kind of thing was that?! So, Stimpy cryed. Double What?! A very bad excuse for a episode, ey? Now, near the end Ren and Stimpy are seprated, but Ren couldn't handel it anymore. One year later Stimpy trickes Ren by giving up the TV for crappy gampaling, huh?! Triple What?! Stupid events! Stupid Ren! Stupid TV! Stupid Out of Jimmy's Head! Stupid episode! The ending should never be made, or Ren souldn't have seprated Stimpy, or Ren souldn't break the TV, or Ren shouldn't be very stubborn, or Stimpy shouldn't have been watching TV in the first place, or maybe Games shouldn't use their own ideas! Or else it will happen again, and so on! P.S.: No it won't!


    HEY! That was a long review! Oh well.

    FINAL GRADE: D-moreless
  • My Shiny Friend is in my knowest the very best episode of Ren and Stimpy than i watche in my life. Same Stimpy's Invention not surprised me that this fabulous episodemoreless

    In the first part, Ren have in the morning a golf game but the problem is he's not gone to sleep. Stimpy understand his situation and made the best of himself for give sleep to Ren. The memorable scene of this episode is the "Rock-A-Bye Baby" song but newly arranged. Insomniac Ren is a finest episode than i not stop laughing watch after watch

    The second part is my benediction of this series: My Shiny Friend. Ren glimpse Stimpy watched TV all of day long. He's decided to teach lesson to Stimpy, but the best way are destroy the TV and that shocked Stimpy. But that's not walk when Ren glimpse Stimpy to watch TV in toilets but at the moment that Ren slap the door, Stimpy has a TV overdose and live in the house's cave. Personally, My Shiny Friend is the best of this episode and same the best of the series. The characters plots are very clear, the synopsis are good, but not lame compared to other episodes of this season and my big pleasure is watch this episode again and again because it's just awesome.

    Insomniac Ren and particularly My Shiny Friend worth that give a 10 because the essence of this episode is in perfect condition. The Art Styles in My Shiny Friend is magnficent and i think it's same most worked than the Spumco episodes that he misses details in each episodes or else. Same if the season 4 is not the best of the series, it's sometimes one graceful to watch one episode to do understand the misery and particularly, the hard works of this episodes. Don't forget than this time, Disney planned the first real Ren & Stimpy rip-off of all-time: The Shnookums & Meat Funy Cartoon Show. But how S&M are a real cartoon show or a dopey joke?

    After watch My Shiny Friend from the Stimpy's addicted to TV, how can you imaginate Stimpy addicted to Internet or Video Games now? huh?moreless
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