The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 8

Jerry the Bellybutton Elf / Road Apples

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Jerry the Bellybutton Elf:
Stimpy plays with his belly button so much he ends up inside of it and meets an elf named Jerry.

Road Apples:
Ren and Stimpy are stranded in the desert so they pretend to be roadkill so that they can get a lift back to civilization.


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  • Jerry the Bellybutton Elf: Stimpy plays with bellybutton that he gets into it and meets Jerry. Road Apples: Ren and Stimpy goes in a RV.

    Could've been more worse... but hey it's much worse that I running out of things to say!

    Jerry the Bellybutton Elf: This episode is getting on my nerves, especially on Ren. The ending just become terrible because of that chuwawa! Playing with bellybuttons can sometimes be fun, until someone calls you to climb inside and what happens next! I believe Ren was all wrong about this nonsense! Ren tricked Stimpy into making them both elf snacks at the end, what else can I say? Shame on you Ren!


    Road Apples: Really boring! This episode didn't make sense, it's just because this episode only has to do with RVs and there was too much of it.


    Kind of a short review, eh?

    FINAL GRADE: Dmoreless
  • Most bizarre "Ren and Stimpy" episode ever (and not in a good way!) :shock:

    It sets a bad precedent when the animation company that was trying to keep "Ren and Stimpy" clean of vulgar humor in the 1st place ends up being more vulgar and creepy than the original animation company had ever intended to be! Not only that, but it sends a bad message when the shows that are supposed to be mere knock-offs of this show ("Rocko's Modern Life" comes to mind,) take the same ideas from episodes of this show to use in their show & end up making their version of the episode idea more successful than the

    "Ren and Stimpy" episodes ever were! Examples include (but not necessarily limited to) are: "Stimpy's Cartoon Show/Wacky Deli, Weiner Barons/Scnitheads, Insomniac Ren/Day of the Flecko, A Dog's Life/Hypno-Puppy Love, Old Blue Nose/Lounge Singer, I Was a Teenage Stimpy/Born to Spawn," & "A Scooter for Yaksmas/Rocko's Modern Christmas." When I watch "Ren and Stimpy," I expect to see funny, controversial stuff, not creepy gross-out gags that wouldn't make anybody except Kim Jong-Il laugh! You know that a cartoon is going downhill when even highly paid guest celebrities can't save the show. Maybe instead of focusing on highly paid celebrities, the writers should've focused on making better stories. :idea:moreless
  • Another segment that horrifily bad at the end

    Jerry the BellyButton Elf was look a good episode. The plot, same was ridiculous has decent. This episode has also a "Peace & Love" style during a song. I loved also the apparition of lot of other character appear during the first seasons of Ren & Stimpy. Road Aples for my part ruin the segment. Some scenes was the most bizarre than i watch. I hate the Skunk Milk sequence and the synopsis are very torturate. Watch Space Goofs in the place of this creepy episode. That's more decent!moreless
Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried

Jerry the Belly Button Elf

Guest Star

Jack Carter

Jack Carter


Guest Star

Billy West

Billy West

Mr. Pipe

Recurring Role

Harris Peet

Harris Peet

Muddy Mudskipper

Recurring Role

Cheryl Chase

Cheryl Chase

Mrs. Pipe

Recurring Role

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    • Ren: (about the RV that passed by) Stimpy! I know how to get us on this dream machine!
      Stimpy: Well okay, Ren. But aren't you forgetting the...uh...(points to a vulture that is eating Ren's remains)
      Ren: (to the vulture) Excuse me, but it appears that I'm going to survive.
      Vulture: (snaps finger in frustration, spits Ren's blood back on him, and flies away)

    • Stimpy: I'm sorry, Ren.
      Ren: That's okay buddy! If this giant, crazy porkchop doesn't kill us, I'll kill you!

  • NOTES (2)

    • There is a reason why 'Games Animation' finally decided to call the Bellybutton Elf, Jerry. The role was originally going to be given to Jerry Lewis, but Lewis decided to pass on it and 'Games Animation' ended up bringing in Gilbert Gottfried.

    • Gilbert Gottfried almost sang 'Climb In My World', but Nick wanted someone else to sing it.