The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 6

Jiminy Lummox / Bass Masters

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Feb 19, 1994 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Jiminy Lummox:
After concluding that Ren has no conciense, Stimpy lets Ren borrow his concience, played by guitar player Jiminy Lummox.

Bass Masters:
Ren and Stimpy are the hosts of a popular fishing show. They set out on a mission to catch the legendary foul mouth Bass, Albert, and Wilber Cobb escapes from prison to come along with them.moreless

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  • The episode that proves there are no limits as to how nasty Ren Hoek can be! }:>

    Usually, when I write about an episode, I want to write positive thing on every single bit that appeared in the show. It wasn't until I rented this on D.V.D. that I could see the other episode segment of "Bass Masters." It was okay. I also feel the episode segment of "Jiminy Lummox" is so good, I can devote most of this review to just this single segment. Whether it's crank calling a chicken twice, filling beavers up with lemonade to put into the water so they can do their 'business' so to speak, yelling at three innocent baby birds, or painfully ripping off the wings of a fly, there seems to be no deplorable act on Earth that Ren Hoek wouldn't try. Stimpy on the other hand, knows better. Stimpy decides to 'curb' Ren of his bad behavior by giving Ren Stimpy's conscience. The being is named Jiminy Lummox, who unfortunatly for Ren turns out to be the patron saint of hitting people on the head with stuff when they don't behave. Unfortunatly, Ren doesn't have the slightest concept as how to behave properly, so he ends up gtting hit a lot! :lol: Ren claims he's not going to let himself get mad anymore, but to no avail. So Ren ends up just giving up in the end! This episode proves classic "Ren and Stimpy" humor didn't end when John K. was forced out of Nickelodeon. This is why I like this episode segment! Enough said, true believers! :Dmoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In 'Jiminy Lummox', Stimpy was switching TV channels, and we hear Homer Simpson from The Simpsons say (from the episode 'Treehouse of Horror II') "D'oh! I hate having two heads." This was a voice impersonator though, not the actor who provides Homer's voice.

    • Muddy Mudskipper makes a cameo in this episode, as a head mounted on the wall.

    • Ren has the underwear of June Alison, Desi Arnez, and Jerry Lewis, in his collection of used celebrity underwear.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (Ren gives a beaver a full pitcher of lemonade and lets it do its business in the water)
      Beaver: (sighs a sigh of relief)
      (scene cuts to Mr. Pipe in front of the sink)
      Mr. Pipe: (turns on the faucet and pours himself a glass) Hmm... Water's lookin' a little heavy today. Oh well. Can't get enough minerals. Bottoms up! (starts gulping it all down as we see small bugs inside it)

    • Ren: And now to load the gear. (drops a bunch of fishing equipment into the boat) Just a few more necessities. (kisses more stuff before dropping it in)
      (Ren pulls out a rabid bear and gives it a great big kiss on the back)
      (the worms are carrying stuff for Stimpy)
      Stimpy: Thank you. Thaaaank you.
      Ren: Hey worm boy! Load the stupid boat and quit fooling around!

    • (Stimpy is in his bathtub with his fur off)
      Stimpy: (speaking German)
      Ren: (dumps a bucket of lobsters in the tub Stimpy's in and pretends to go to sleep like nothing happened)
      Stimpy: Happy hap happy, joy joy joy joy joy! (puts fur on with crabs stuck to his butt) Hmm...fur's a little snug. Have to cut back on sweets.
      (Ren groans)

      Little Bird: (shivering) Listen! I can still hear it! Screaming....screaming....screaming Screaming! What's with all the screaming!? Why won't he stop!?

    • Ren: That's the plan isn't it? You set me up....and he knocks me down. Is that it? Well, it won't work! (shaking Stimpy) 'Cause I'm not gonna get mad. (turns his head around) I'm not getting mad.....No sir....not me....hehehehehehe (teeth break) ...I'm happy! (bounces on his butt) Happy Happy! Joy Joy! Happy Happy! Joy Joy! I'm Happy Happy Happy! Not Mad Mad Mad! (laughs louder and jumps on Stimpy) Mr. Happy Boy right!? (goes completely insane) HEY WORLD!!! AM I HAPPY ENOUGH!? (cackles insanely and grabs Stimpy) And now!!! (laughs more) You.....DIIIIIIIEEEEE!!!

  • NOTES (1)