The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 2 Episode 8

Monkey See, Monkey Don't / Fake Dad

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Monkey See, Monkey Don't / Fake Dad
Monkey See, Monkey Don't:
Ren and Stimpy want to have it made (they want people to feed them), so they dress up in cheesy monkey suits and are hired by the zookeeper. They share the monkey cage with Filthy, a big primate that is more popular than the duo.

Fake Dad:
Ren is a member of the Fake Dad company, where you spend a weekend with an orphaned kid and you act as his father. However, Ren and Stimpy's 'child' is actually a big middle-aged prisoner named Kowalski! He keeps torturing Ren, while Stimpy thinks he's nice.moreless
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  • Monkey See, Monkey Don't: Ren and Stimpy want to have it made so they dress up in cheesy monkey suits and are hired by the zookeeper. Fake Dad: Ren is a member of the Fake Dad company.moreless

    This episode began R&S's long jump over the shark. Why? Let me tell you, and there will be no questions asked.

    Monkey See, Monkey Don't: Wanna Know why R&S jumped the shark? Watch this episode. This was the first episode done entirly by Games. And the episode is a big example of Games' stupidy and homosexuality. I liked R&S episodes before this. I grew up with them, there're my favorite episodes but this episdoe runins everything about R&S! I can't believe Bob Camp, a top SP writer lost his touch and made poor episodes at Games, like this one! This episode is nothing but a bunch of retarted and gay monkeys cramped in a gay episode. There is one thing I've noticed about this episode, what happened to Ren's voice?! I know Billy West voiced Ren in this episode, but I don't see any reason for his voice to change from a kinda-french guy, to a man-I-can-almost-taste-that-crap guy, so that's why this is gay and boring. This episdoe is not even funny. Nope, nothing funny about it. I wish Games would stop wasting their time on gay episodes and stop their monkey beeswax.


    Fake Dad: Better as ever, the plot was very good, although Ren was kinda mean to Kowaski, or whatever his name is. Also, the ideas for the episode or something like that was very good too and Ren will fell sad for the fat kid to go!


    What can I say? Fake Dad was way better the Monkey See, Monkey Did Suck.

    FINAL GRADE: C-moreless

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    • Ren: Okay Kowalski, what kind of sandwich do you want?
      Kowalski: MMMEAT!!!
      Ren: And what kind of bread do you want?
      Kowalski: MEAT!!!
      Ren: Meat-on-meat, eh? (Ren slaps two slices of meat together) Okay, here's your meat-on-meat sandwich!
      (Kowalski takes the meat-on-meat sandwich and sticks it into his mouth. He growls in displeasure a second later and the meat-on-meat sandwich slides out of his mouth and into his hand)
      Kowalski: AAAGGGHHH!!!
      Ren: What's wrong now, Kowalski?
      Kowalski: TOAST MEAT!!!
      (Strangely prepared for the situation, Stimpy already has two slices of meat popping out of a toaster, which Ren takes and hands to Kowalski)
      Ren: Here. (Kowalski takes the toast meat-on-meat sandwich, sticks it into his mouth and starts chewing it. After a few seconds, he begins to violently cough. Ren is now at the limit of his patience) What's wrong with you now?
      Kowalski: THIRSTY! WANT DRINK!!
      Ren: And what would you like to...drink?
      Kowalski: MEAT!!!
      Ren: Get him a glass meat, will ya Stimpy!?
      (Stimpy, strangely prepared yet again, pours a glass of liquefied meat out of a water cooler, which he hands to Ren and is then handed to Kowalski. Kowalski gulps the meaty beverage down)

    • Ren: Look at us, Stimpy! No longer are we lonely house pets. We've climbed the evolutionary ladder! We've just been accepted into the world of higher mammals! We've evolved.
      (Ren turns around and sees Stimpy with a stick up his nose)

    • Ren: Errr... Alright, that's it! I've had all I can stand from you, Kowalski!
      Stimpy: Now, now, Ren.
      Ren: Shut up! He's had this coming for a long time now! Get up Kowalski! Get up! Come on! (Kowalski grunts) Up! That's right! Now turn around! Turn around! (Kowalksi does so and Stimpy tries to console Ren) Back off man! Alright Kowalski! (Kowalski grunts) Take 'em down! Come on! Take the pants down! (Kowalski grunts again) The pants Kowalski! The pants! (Kowalski does so) Hahahaha! It's gonna happen.... (we see Kowalksi pull his pants down) Hehehehe Wuah! (Ren sees something which causes him to sob and cry) Pull 'em up... Please pull 'em up! Pull up the pants! (Kowalski does so)

    • (Ren hits Kowalski over the head with a wooden spoon)
      Kowalski: Daddy hit baby! Baby mad!
      (he picks up Ren's couch)
      Ren: My favorite couch!
      (Kowalski squishes it to dust and kicks up Ren's TV)
      Ren: My favorite TV!
      (Kowalski squishes it to dust and he picks up Stimpy)
      Ren: My favorite friend!
      (Kowalski squishes Stimpy to dust)

  • NOTES (2)

    • 'Monkey See, Monkey Don't' is the first Ren and Stimpy episode to have Billy West do Ren's voice throughout the entire episode. Also, it is the first episode to have most of the animation done at Games.

    • 'Fake Dad' was originally going to be about 20 min but it got reduced to 12 minutes.