The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Ren's Pecs / An Abe Divided

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 18, 1993 on Nickelodeon

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  • The moral of today's stories: "Don't get mad, get even!" And also, "When in doubt, play the blame game!"

    For the longest time, all I've ever heard everyone say about the "Ren and Stimpy" show is that the first two seasons were great but everything after that was junk! Well I'm here to say that not everything after the end of season 2 was junk! Seasons 3-5 had their good points to! Granted, comparing seasons 3-5 with seasons 1 and 2 isn't like comparing apples and oranges, it's like comparing pewter with gold. When stacked up against each other, seasons 3-5 don't shine as brightly as the first two seasons do. But when seasons 3-5 are based on their own merits, it's a pretty ok show. And I don't want anybody else say anything different until they've given seasons 3-5 a try! :D
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