The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 3

Ren's Pecs / An Abe Divided

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Dec 18, 1993 on Nickelodeon



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    • Ren: Excuse me, Mr. Bigbutt...
      (Sgt. Bigbutt turns around in his chair)
      Sgt. Bigbutt: That's Sgt. Bigbutt to you!

    • Stimpy: (reading his Christmas list to the Lincoln Memorial) And I want a bike, and a Betsy-Wets-Herself doll, and a CHEE-Z Bake Oven, and a Pulpy the Pup doll, and a zillion army men...

    • Stimpy: (with a stupid look on his face) Towels?! I like towels!

    • Stimpy: (after being whipped painfully with towels) I just love military tradition!

    • Stimpy: OK, Ren, all finished! (reveals that he sculpted the head of Santa Claus) Whaddaya think? Huh? Huh? Huh?
      Ren: You neencompoop! That's the wrong president! Do it over!
      Stimpy: (covering his eyes and holding a giant mallet) Ok Ren, whatever you say.
      (he smashes the head, and then resculpts it, again getting the wrong person)
      Stimpy: And there! How's that, Ren?
      Ren: Do it again!!
      (Stimpy smashes the head again, but this time it turns into nothing but powder)
      Stimpy: That's it, Ren. We broke it too many times.

    • Ren: Stop eating, you fool, and help me! Now get up there and glue that head back together, pronto!

    • Ren: (after hearing there's treasure in the statue's head) Closing time! (starts pushing the tourists out) We're closed now! Go home!
      Stimpy: Eh, Ren, you must be mistaken. We're supposed to be open for another eighteen hours!
      Ren: (slaps him) NO! That was yesterday! (to the tourists) Goodbye, drop in again!

    • Ren: Get down from there! That's not Santa Claus! It's a memorial.
      Stimpy: A memorial? (choked) I didn't know Santa Claus was... DEAD! (wails)
      Ren: You are so stupid.
      Stimpy: (sniffles) Am I?
      Ren: (slaps Stimpy) EEEDIOT! Don't you recognize President Williard Pete Fillmore when you see him?! Now get back to work!

    • 'Ren's Pecs' Song Lyrics

      Stimpy: (sighs) It sure is lonely around here ever since Ren got his pectoral implants and went to Hollywood.

      I've never asked for anything, just your happiness.
      And now that you have found it, I should be glad, I guess.
      But I've played in my litter box as long as I can,
      And I would give most anything just to hear "What is it, man?"
      (Ren voiceover: "What ez et, man?")

      I know you've got your pecs now and gone on to bigger things,
      But before you go and flex now, there's a cat at home who sings
      That each and every day and night he misses his best friend,
      And I only need to see you once to make this feeling end.

      No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
      Remember there's a little bit of Stimpy's butt in you.
      And just once, when you strike that pose, could you think of me?
      'Cause when I scratch my rear I think of how it used to be... (sobs)

      The house is much too quiet now that I don't hear your voice,
      And you know that I'd be with you if I only had my choice.
      But I know I will smile again when I see your name in lights,
      And when they talk about you I'll tell them
      That I knew you when you were just Ren... (sniffs)

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Charles Atlas

      The character Charles Globe is a parody of Charles Atlas, a famous bodybuilder. The beach scenes in the episode 'Ren's Pecs' parodies the Charles Atlas comics.

    • During the scene where Ren is shooting for "War of the Gladiator" he is charicatured to look like Kirk Douglas (one of John K.'s favorite movie actors).

    • The pigeons bullying the squirrel look suspiciously like the Goodfeathers on Animaniacs.

    • Hospital Intercom: Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard

      This is a reference to the classic Three Stooges short, 'Men in Black' (1934).

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