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  • Rocko Please Hop Over here and Save me!

    I Hate Ren and Stimpy

    Adult Party Cartoon is even WORSE!!!!
  • Great influential cartoon

    I watched the whole series 2 years ago and I had fun watching it. This show's humor had influenced other cartoons such as SpongeBob (especially later episodes), Cow and Chicken, Uncle Grandpa, etc. I liked the whole series, instead of dividing them both John K/Spucmo era and Games era. They both had their merits and flaws. While the Games era did had its weaker episodes, there's still episodes I loved like Insonamic Ren. Best part of this show is the animation. It wasn;t its best in season 1, but the rest of the show moves so fluidly. I really enjoyed the off-model faces as well. You can tell half of the crew members went to shows like SpongeBob, Samurai Jack, and most of cartoon network shows. Unless you like grossout humor, this show is recommended. But, do NOT watch Adult Party Cartoon. It's a disgrace to the series.
  • A Cartoon Masterpiece

    I absolutely love this show, it's my second favorite Nicktoon of all time only to SpongeBob. This cartoon has helped shape cartoons with more edgy and adult humor today with its hilarious slapstick, grossout, and dark themes. The first episode of the show is literally about Ren & Stimpy being afraid of getting killed after ending up being captured by animal patrol, yet it still managed to be smart and funny. Ren is a psychotic, arrogant chihuahua and Stimpy is a kind-hearted, stupid cat. The voice acting is pretty top notch and the music choices for this show were just perfect. I definitely recommend this amazing show.
  • That crazy dog!

    Ren was always my favorite because he's funny, kinda cute, crazy and insane. But what can I say every person has to have a favorite character
  • Production Order

    Does anybody know the production order of this TV series?
  • Why 90's Are All That?

    Why did you boot this off for ***ed shit like CatDog, ChalkZone and Tak and The Power of Juju. Because people like those dumb shows, I lost respect for the block. Bring Back Renand Stimpy and replace those dumb retartded show, please.
  • The Very Defenition of Disturbing, Demented and Disgusting... and yet... I Love it.

    A Show with 2 Rivaled animals, a Cat and a Dog that went against all odds to live together; actually that's not even the weirdest part sometimes their homeless sometimes they live in a house and sometimes they will be living in the Past or Future and even be Astronauts in Outer Space. This Show is so Random, Strange and Bizarre, yet very Memorable and creative. The Characters are also very Likeable, even Ren Hoek the Psychotic ill-tempered Chihuahua, Stimpy is Incredibly Kind yet Stupid, Muddy Muddskipper is a Hollywood actor that stars in his own show. George Liquor is a very Strange man, and Mr. Horse is well a horse. The First Season was of course the great with the most original, funniest, and most memorable episodes. The Second Season is in someways better then the first season. However John K. gets fired from Nickelodeon and the 3rd Season was ehh... Season 4 and 5 were just plain forgettable... well, whatever we always got the original 2 Seasons. I thought cause it was so dirty and strange that I would hate it as an adult, but I was proven wrong and still like to watch episodes every now and then. This is one of those show that actually does toilet humor correctly unlike that mega-mess "Mega Babies"...

    And Now my Rating for each of the Seasons:

    Season 1: 8/10 (Great)

    Season 2: 9/10 (Outstanding)

    Season 3: 5/10 (Eh)

    Season 4: 3/10 (Bad)

    Season 5: 3/10 (Bad)

    I will (NOT) be reviewing The Adult Party Cartoon on here, I will review it on its own page.
  • I love Ren & Stimpy

    Wanna see something funny? Watch that show. I have never seen such hilarious cartoon. I saw this for the first time when I was 10, I never missed 1 episode, I always used to stay awake just to watch Ren & Stimpy at 2am. Some people need to know that it was never a kid's show actually, the adult jokes sometimes used to go too far, theres an adult only episode too. But its still one of the best, come back please!
  • Weird, but one of the best animated Nick shows ever.

    I don't care what anyone says, I like this show.
  • Nothing redeeming about the show

    First off, the show rips off "2 Stupid Dogs" so I feel it has almost no originality and the jokes are pretty sick. Plus, like the TV show "Hannible", the show is clearly misrated as Nickelodeon made this show but they gave us one that really deserve to be on Adult Swim at a midnight showing. To sumarize: The show is misrated and unoriginal like "Family Guy", it has the disturbing nature of "Hannible", the sickness in the jokes like "Family Guy" again and "American Dad". Like the title of the review I wrote, I find nothing redeeming about this show.

    And the only cartoon dog that I still like is Vinny Griffin (the replacment dog on Family Guy) and mabye the 2 stupid dogs from there show. These 2 dogs are just forgetable here.
  • My Suggestion...

    Don't whiz on the Electric Fence.
  • May not be one of the greatest shows of all time, it does deserve some respect.

    One of the 3 original Nicktoons, Ren and Stimpy is remembered for being very fast paced and zany. Ren is is a rude, skinny chihuahua, and Stimpy is a cute, lovable but dumb cat. The first 2 seasons, produced by Spumco, were decent, though I'm not really a big fan of a few episodes. After that Spumco was fired and replaced by Games Animation. The next 3 seasons was just an embarassing mess. The episodes weren't as funny, the animation was a bit bland, and the episodes just had Ren and Stimpy being beat up for no reason. And what's even more baffling is that these episodes were even more disturbing and violent than the first 2 seasons. The final season, known as the "Adult Party" series, was produced by Spumco again. I honestly liked these episodes, except for "Naked Beach Frenzy". These episodes were pretty funny, especially "Ren Seeks Help". My only problem with it is that they went a little too far with the gross out humor sometimes. I give season 1 a 9, season 2 an 8.5, season 3 a 5, season 4 a 3, season 5 a 3, and season 6 (APC) a 7.
  • Top Shows - Age of Nick's Classic 90s Shows - Btw, Screw parents' complaints

    Various ep (00)
  • What cartoons nowdays should be

    Chaotic, insane, somewhat dark and gross, funny, if you watch cartoons for anything else, you arent watching cartoons for the right things. This, my friends, is a cartoon. Not the "innocent" stuff they show nowadays with bland, uninspiring humor, and no risk taking.
  • A very unique Nicktoon

    This show has anything you could ever want in a cartoon. Crude humor, cleverness which somehow manages to mix with stupidity, complete and utter randomness, each episode has an interesting and different plot for the most part, incredible voice acting, great characters, the facial expressions are hilarious, and the best part is: It was a surefire way to piss off your parents! There were a lot of adventurous episodes, which I enjoyed a lot, especially ones that took place in outer space. The emotional moments that Ren and Stimpy sometimes go through, whether they're angry, sad, or happy, almost make the show feel like a movie. I also LOVE the animation and music for the show. It's very reminiscent of the Golden age of 40's-60's cartoons. My favorite episode would have to be "Stimpy's Cartoon Show", Ren and Stimpy at their finest. Plus, Wilbur Cobb is a very quotable character. A close second would be "Haunted House", mainly because of that ending. xD Though I only grew up watching re-runs of the show in the very late 90's, and on Nicktoons Network a few years later, this still holds a special place in my heart. Ren and Stimpy was also a great influence for Spongebob and a lot of other popular cartoons, and I'm thankful for that as well.
  • Sick and disgusting...

    Just the way I like my cartoons:)
  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ILOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its crazy wacky funny entertaing gross and twisted ITS AWSOME. its about this dog named ren and a cat named stimpy . what ilove about this show is all the crazy adventures they go on from being weiner farmers to going inside stimpys bellybutton it also has great animation and its humer comes from the weird situations the fact how twisted it got and gross it was hilarious. bring this show back nick your only good show is spongebob.
  • Possibly the worst show I have ever seen.

    All it is is gross. Just these two pet things that eat slime, barf it out, eat brains, dribble, sneeze over people and like fungi. It once made my bro barf. This show is eve suckier than Billy and Mandy or Mucha Lucha. One day I hope this'll be cancelled. (Well, it should since it is the most disgusting carton with any sense of humor in the world).
  • Sick, Twisted, Hysterical

    This is the most fun you can have while picking fuzz out of your bellybutton. Twisted story lines, some disgusting artwork and just plain silliness
  • Gross, but one of the best Nicktoons.

    The Ren & Stimpy show was the third Nicktoon aired on August 11, 1991, first shown was Doug and second was Rugrats. Ren & Stimpy was different from both those shows; it wasn't a baby's eye-view of the world (Rugrats), or a sweet animated sitcom (Doug), it was one of the first, if not the first, gross-out cartoons.

    Now, being born in 1996, the year Hey Arnold! and KaBlam! first aired, I didn't get to see any new episodes of this show, only reruns...if I could. The problem was, my mom and dad wouldn't let me watch this show when I was a little kid, so I had to sneak it (like if dad was in the shower and mom was at work). They would never let me rent the videos from Blockbuster, either. Once I hit six, the reruns stopped, but we got Nicktoons and mom and dad said I could rent the tapes. I couldn't stop laughing at how funny they were. My bro got into them at the age of four when we bought a tape from Blockbuster (they were selling their entire VHS collection and the other two tapes were bought). Mom and dad let him watch it at that age because when I started renting the tapes, they realized it wasn't as bad as they thought.

    The first episode I remember seeing was Fire Dogs. This was one of my favorites as a little kid (again, snuck this episode when mom was working and dad was showering), mainly because it had to do with Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians is one of my favorite movies. My favorite episode I think is either Ren's Toothache, Haunted House, or Nurse Stimpy. I haven't seen Adult Party Cartoon, and I don't plan too, from what I heard, it's a load of crap.

    I don't know who I like more, Ren or Stimpy. Ren is hilarious (I also really like chihuahuas), and Stimpy is a great character (I'm a huge cat lover). Later episodes after John K, the creator, got fired from Nickelodeon, weren't as good, however. But this is one of the best cartoons ever!
  • Idiot Cat + Cranky Chiwowa = EXTREMELY AMAZING TV SHOW!!!!!!!!!!

    I know this show is gross a lot. But sometimes when TV shows cross the line on being gross (Like being more disgusting than Fanboy and Chum Chum or The Mighty B!) This is way more disgusting than those two. But its so gross its considered awesome! Plus its a 90s classic, you can't possibly hate a 90s classic! They're all that! There's nose picking, farting, sneezing, stinky odors, Smelly Feet & Toe Jam, Stinky Cheese, and picking belly buttons & ears without ear cleaners! Its not potty humor in my world. Kinda like Jimmy Neutron and Rugrats, This show also has a ripoff of itself, Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. The reason why people say this is not for kids is only because of the Adult Party Cartoon. That ripoff is TV-MA, This show is TV-Y7-FV. This is an excellent cartoon! Though there's no way it's as good as Rocko's Modern Life!
  • Retrotastic.

    A retro cartoon with an adult twist. Nick's cause of fame. It has a lot of random plots. Graphic art is not a thing here because it's a retro cartoon! Animation is fine too. The most fine cartoon ever made.
  • Disgusting and Disturbing

    I have vivid memories of every time I saw this show turning the channel as fast as I could. That show was one of the old Nick shows that I just couldn't tolerate. The animation itself was scary, the content was gross and just as scary. It shocks me to think that the shows creator wanted to re-create a Looney-Tunes type show, and this is what he came up with!? Are you kidding me? If Looney-Tunes was anything like this it would never as popular as it is now! I am so glad this show is gone, and it should have left sooner!
  • Double Jokesters

    Ren and Stimpy are so easy to remember as far as catchy cartoon names... the characters are drawn out with silly atittude and facial expressions... and it's just a classy comedy!
  • A show that I grew up with and still enjoy it today.

    Ren and Stimpy was the funniest cartoon I watch when I was little. It had everything you asked for funny charecters
    Good plots and an animation legend John Kricfalusi. I'll always remeber the oldest episodes that I watched and enjoyed.
    Then times got bad as the new animation team came in and took
    over sure some of the episodes they made were not so bad but
    Spumco did the best ones. I'm looking forward for the Ren and
    Stimpy Ultimate Boxset then I'll be able to see the episodes
    Nick never aired that should have been showed. Ren and Stimpy
    gets a 10 out of 10.
  • kids shouldnt be watcheing this

    they really shouldnt because its vilont kids could get the wrong idea from this cause the dog or rat slaps the cat nonstop
  • No Longer On My Top Cartoons List.

    I was so crazy about Ren and Stimpy when I was little/younger. And it may have even used to be one of my favorites, but nowadays I consider it more of a guilty pleasure. And since I still somewhat have an attachment to it, but not as much as I did years ago, I think that giving this show half the maximum rating is decent enough, as I'm being slightly more generous than some of the other reviewers here. I mean, I can see why the first two seasons are often considered by many to be the best, so I'll give it that at least. Things really changed and took a turn for the worst when Spumco was replaced by Games Animation and the latter ran things. This was the cartoon that pioneered gross-out humor and can even be pointed out as the one that inspired several other, like-minded cartoons that followed in it's wake. And I almost hate to say or even admit it, but I'm afraid that this may be the show responsible for the decline of great, smarter cartoons and the amount of them that have been churned out in over the last decade. To all of those who are still feeling it a lot, I'm sorry, but I just can't get with it as much as I used to these days. Especially since after checking out some of the animated series from that same decade. I just believe there are much better shows on the air and that had aired. The typical things that went on in this show and the details of which have already been covered by others are just too dumbed-down, and much for me now.
  • What a good show.

    Ren and Stimpy was a really good, it was always original with its plots and always put a smile on my face. I still think it is good show even after so many years. In fact the Spumco episodes get better with time to understand the jokes. Although I think the Games episodes are garbage,though some are good (but not many). Unfortunately, the show ended yearly then it should since Nickelodeon fired John Kricfalusi. But really did not end but after John was fired the show went down hill as soon as games started making them. I wish John did not get fired. Because of all of this it is really hard for me to think this show ended since the creator had no involvement in since he left a few years before it ended. So in my opinion it was a false ending. Thanks for reading!
  • The series follows Ren an asthmatic chuhuahua and Stimpy a simpleminded manx cat on their adventures.

    This show really, really, really, really disgusts me. It had a little humour. But it is extremely grotesque and leaves horrid, disgusting images in your head. It lasted for 5 years. There were 5 seasons and 52 episodes (which I'm glad came to an end). I did not like the characters either, an asthmatic chihuahua and simpleminded manx cat. I personally hated it for its horrid, disgusting, grotesque, rank imagery and the concept of a chihuahua and a manx cat did not interest me either. Overall Ren and Stimpy was a very poor show and the disgusting images are still in my head!
  • i despise it

    Personnaly i think its about nothing, yes nothing.
    I now there are more shows about nothing and they are good, but this one isnt. its just bad, really bad.
    I hadnt seen it in years and just yesterday it was on tv. I wathced a few minutes and I thought this show is really bad, why is it still on th air?
    I immediatly turned off my tv and started doing something else.
    If you like the show, im ok with that, I just dont understand why. Well thats my opinion, and if you dont believe me watch it and you'll see what I mean. probably.