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  • The Very Defenition of Disturbing, Demented and Disgusting... and yet... I Love it.

    A Show with 2 Rivaled animals, a Cat and a Dog that went against all odds to live together; actually that's not even the weirdest part sometimes their homeless sometimes they live in a house and sometimes they will be living in the Past or Future and even be Astronauts in Outer Space. This Show is so Random, Strange and Bizarre, yet very Memorable and creative. The Characters are also very Likeable, even Ren Hoek the Psychotic ill-tempered Chihuahua, Stimpy is Incredibly Kind yet Stupid, Muddy Muddskipper is a Hollywood actor that stars in his own show. George Liquor is a very Strange man, and Mr. Horse is well a horse. The First Season was of course the great with the most original, funniest, and most memorable episodes. The Second Season is in someways better then the first season. However John K. gets fired from Nickelodeon and the 3rd Season was ehh... Season 4 and 5 were just plain forgettable... well, whatever we always got the original 2 Seasons. I thought cause it was so dirty and strange that I would hate it as an adult, but I was proven wrong and still like to watch episodes every now and then. This is one of those show that actually does toilet humor correctly unlike that mega-mess "Mega Babies"...

    And Now my Rating for each of the Seasons:

    Season 1: 8/10 (Great)

    Season 2: 9/10 (Outstanding)

    Season 3: 5/10 (Eh)

    Season 4: 3/10 (Bad)

    Season 5: 3/10 (Bad)

    I will (NOT) be reviewing The Adult Party Cartoon on here, I will review it on its own page.
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