The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Robin Höek / Nurse Stimpy

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Aug 18, 1991 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Robin Höek:
Stimpy does his own retelling of the Robin Hood story where Ren play Robin and he gets to be all the other parts!

Nurse Stimpy:
Ren is ill so Stimpy tries everything he can to make him feel better.

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  • "Will you flenze my spleen?" No. Even if I knew what that *means*.

    Stimpy takes us back in time with the unlikely tale of Robin Hoek. Ren gets to play the robber prince and Stimpy plays everybody from Friar Tuck to Maid Marion. When in danger, they do what any brave Englishman would: they stick a moose in a catapult and let fly.

    In the second segment, 'Nurse Stimpy,' the cat turns his paws to something else at which he has no talent: medicine. Ren doesn't feel good, but his friend's attempts at treatment are bound to make him feel even worse. Stimpy takes out the stethoscope and various freaky-looking implements and goes to work on his pal with a number of strange and probably wrong tests. Ren may wind up sicker going out of the 'clinic' than he was coming in.

    This show makes weird people look normal.


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Ren: What is it man?
      Stimpy: Will you read me a bedtime story?
      Ren: (mimics what Stimpy said) Read it yourself.

    • (Stimpy is reading Robin Hoek to a sleeping Ren. He is going through all of the merry man)
      Stimpy: First, there was Friar Chuck, a handsome fellow indeed.
      (Stimpy is dressed as a friar)
      Stimpy: And there was Little Brain.
      (Stimpy runs away and comes back dressed diffrently)
      Stimpy: And Ransac the Elder
      (Stimpy rushes to get dressed again)
      Stimpy: And Elkhorn the Downtrodden.
      (he rushes to get another costume.)
      Stimpy: But most beloved of all was the lovely Maid Moron which lived in a castle far away from Logwood Forest.
      (Stimpy runs to get another costume. While he is running, Johann Strauss' 'Tritsch Tratsch Polka' is playing in the background. When he makes to his costume room, he dresses as maid Moron)
      Stimpy: Oh! You know what! I completly forgot! The last merry man, the loyal Will Trungeon!
      (Stimpy exhaustedly rushes back to Logwood Forest)

    • Stimpy: (praying) And please bless grandma and grandpa...
      Ren: (praying) And please give me a million dollars, and a fridge with a padlock, and.. heh, oh, yeah ... huge pectoral muscles.
      Stimpy: But most of all, please watch out for my best pal, Ren. He's not strong.
      Both: Amen.

  • NOTES (7)

    • The music heard during the morning sequences on 'Nurse Stimpy' is Beethoven's 'Sixth Symphony (the first movement)'.

    • Stimpy and Ren were supposed to be blissfully married at the end of 'Robin Hoek'. Nick changed it to a more abrupt and funnier ending than it was meant to be.

    • Here John K. is credited as Raymond Spum. The reason being because of numorous edits and artistic flaws.

    • The music heard in 'Stimpy's Storybook Land' during the bedroom scene is 'Symphony No. 9' by Antonin Dvorak.

    • Nick omitted the scene in 'Nurse Stimpy' where Stimpy calls in Dr. Leeche to suck the blood out of Ren's head.

    • The original ending of the episode was not for Ren to wake up and see Stimpy in the Maid Moron outfit, but rather to have the bed fall away, to have Ren and Stimpy landing on the backs of two bulls, as they ride off into the sunset. The executives at Nickelodeon reportedly balked at how little sense this scene made, and asked for a different ending. Later, however, this ending would be eventually used to close the episode 'Rubber Nipple Salesmen'.

    • John K. wanted to put man-eating clergymen in the pond of 'Robin Hoek', Nickelodeon rejected that idea, so John put in man-eating monks instead.


    • This Ren and Stimpy episode debuted in 1991, the same year another version of 'Robin Hood' was released in theaters... the Warner Bros. movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Ironically, that same year, Disney re-released their Robin Hood animated film to videocassette (and laserdisc.), labeling it as a 'Disney Classic'.

    • The 'Log' theme song is a spoof of the famous 'Slinky' theme song.