The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 5 Episode 7

School Mates / Dinner Party

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 17, 1996 on Nickelodeon

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  • School Mates: Ren's colledge buddy comes for a visit. Dinner Party: A example of how to show a dinner party... R&S style (to bad it wasn't Puffy style).

    This episode had somthing I'd like to call kinda childish but mostly nothingish.

    School Mates: (talks like Yumi): Oh my GOSH, is this episode so boring! (talks regularly): It did reveal Ren has a colledge buddy, but the episode got terrible. I just have nothing to say except that I didn't like that episode. Hoever I do have one thing to say, Games messed up with Ren and Stimpy history, you know what I'm talking about, Ren's colledge past. I'll finish with this now but remember Games can't reveal Ren and Stimpy history, only John K. can do that (just like in Ren Seeks Help).

    Dinner Party: Really boring to watch. It needs more funny parts! All there was, was a dinner party hosted by Ren and Stimpy! What's else? Just nothing. This episode is worse than the CL episode Camp Complaint or whatever else is average as that episode. It really need funny parts Games!
    I don't even know who directed this anyway! The director was uncredited!

    I'm done and this episode is out of my way!

  • a decent episode with some interesting additions

    These two episodes were mediocre there was some off the wall stuff but these really didn't live up to what a real good R & S episode should consist of. The old pal, Chuck coming to visit Ren could have been way better with some different plot themes but for the 15 minutes a story it fit bill. They could have ran with the knowledge that Ren was in a lot of nerdy clubs too!!! The second episode was good considering that they incorporated lots of previous characters so that added to the comedy quite a lot! Not my favorite episode but they all cant be!!