The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • 2/23/92
    Black Hole:
    Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy go into a black hole and have to deal with the atmosphere making them go crazy.

    Stimpy's Invention:
    Inventor Stimpy creates a lot of crazy inventions which push Ren's patience over the top. Stimpy then invents an invention to make Ren happier.
  • 12/15/91
    Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy are lost on an unknown planet where strange goings on are occuring.

    Untamed World:
    Ren and Stimpy head to the Galapogos Island where they search for new species, most of which have a striking resemblance to themselves!
  • 9/1/91
    Fire Dogs:
    Ren and Stimpy are hunting for food when they discover that they can act as fire dogs to get by.

    The Littlest Giant:
    Ren has another dream about a story. This time, Ren plays Wee Ren and Stimpy plays the giant.
  • Space Madness:
    Commander Hoek & Cadet Stimpy go into Space for a long mission. Commander Hoek is starting to go insane from being in space for so long, but belives that Cadet Stimpy is suffering from that problem--otherwise known as 'Space Madness.'

    The Boy Who Cried "Rat!":
    Destitute & on the make again looking for the easy life, Ren get up in full mouse drag, complete with Mickey type ears and pants, while Stimpy offers his mouse catching services to husband & wife.moreless
  • 8/18/91
    Robin Höek:
    Stimpy does his own retelling of the Robin Hood story where Ren play Robin and he gets to be all the other parts!

    Nurse Stimpy:
    Ren is ill so Stimpy tries everything he can to make him feel better.
  • Stimpy's Big Day / The Big Shot
    Stimpy's Big Day:
    Stimpy takes a trip to Hollywood after he wins a competition.

    The Big Shot:
    Stimpy is loving his new life in Hollywood but his good friend Ren misses having him around.
  • Big House Blues (Original Version)
    We learn how Ren and Stimpy are poor and live in the city streets with no food or shelter. Suddenly a dog catcher comes along and takes them to the pound. All looks good, until their newfound friend Phil is "put to sleep." Ren thinks it's only a nap, and falls asleep and dreams he's dating a woman, but winds up kissing Stimpy, waking up to the horrible truth (and then he washes himself in the toilet). Ren hears from another dog, Jasper, that Phil was put to "the big sleep!" Ren freaks out and starts crying, knowing he and Stimpy are doomed. Later, Stimpy coughs up hairballs on Ren, and then a little girl mistakens Ren for a poodle. She adopts him, and then Ren talks the girl into adopting Stimpy. They are happy in their new home, especially Stimpy with his new litterbox.moreless