The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season 2

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • 5/23/93
    The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen beckons for Ren and Stimpy as they embark on a hazradous mission for them to claim Canadian land.
  • A Visit to Anthony
    A Visit to Anthony
    Episode 11
    Ren and Stimpy go to visit one of their fans, Anthony. The only problem is that they have to face up to his cartoon-hating father, as well as Victor the School Bully.
  • Stimpy's Fan Club
    Episode 10
    After seeing bunches and bunches of fan mail for Stimpy and none for him, Ren gets very sad, but Stimpy decides to make Ren president of his fan club.
  • The Great Outdoors:
    Stimpy takes Ren into the forest for a camping adventure where Ren into a series of bad luck incidents.

    The Cat That Laid The Golden Hairball:
    Ren turns Stimpy into a goldmine after he sees on TV that cat hairballs are valuable.
  • Monkey See. . . Monkey Don't/Powdered Toastman
    Ren & Stimpy want the easy life of living in a zoo. /Our breakfast superhero rescues a man from the evil Muddy Mudskipper, brings breakfast to a hungry Ren & Stimpy and helps the president out of a precarious position.
  • Son of Stimpy
    Episode 7
    Stimpy makes his first friend and then loses it. He searches high and low through rain and snow and dark of night for his lost friend Stinky.
  • Big Baby Scam / Dog Show
    Big Baby Scam:
    Ren and Stimpy's decision to switch lives with two babies turns out to be not so good, as they run into multiple problems along the way.

    Dog Show:
    George Liquor enters Ren and Stimpy into a Dog Show in the hope of winning the competition.
  • Haunted House / Mad Dog Höek
    Haunted House:
    Ren and Stimpy explore a completely-typical haunted mansion, complete with bats, thunder and lightning, and a meek little Droopy-ghost. The ghost keeps trying to scare Ren and Stimpy, but keeps failing, and one gag results in a visit from the Bloody Head Fairy!

    Mad Dog Höek:
    Ren and Stimpy become professional wrestlers as Ren thinks that it's fake. Under their alter egos - Mad Dog Höek and Killer Kodoogan - they take on the Lout Brothers.moreless
  • Svën Höek
    Svën Höek
    Episode 4
    Ren is tired of Stimpy's stupidity, so he decides to invite his smart cousin Svën over the house, which he hasn't seen since they were puppies. When Svën shows up, Ren cannot believe his eyes, but Stimpy seems to get along well with him.
  • 2/27/93
    Ren decides to volunteer his time to help others and becomes a fake dad for a day. Little does he know that his kid is a 200 pound convict named Kowalski. Ren & Stimpy visit the Wild West where they meet a stupid sheriff and his dimwitted deputy and get captured for horse theft. This episode features the hit song "The Lord Loves a Hanging."moreless
  • Ren scoffs at Stimpy for his perfect dental hygiene until his teeth fall out of his head. Of course, Stimpy comes to Ren's aid and gives him a tooth of his own.The entrepreneurial spirit captures Ren & Stimpy and they hit the road with Stimpy's newest invention, meeting many interesting people along the way.moreless
  • In the Army/Big House Blues
    Slap on your Happy Helmets with everyone?s favorite psychotic Chihuahua and stupid cat in these classic episodes.