The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season 3

Nickelodeon (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Eat My Cookies / Ren's Bitter Half
    Eat My Cookies:
    Desperate to join the Barrette Beret Girls, Ren and Stimpy have to prove themselves to the burly babes. But these girls have a little secret up their sleeve...

    Ren's Bitter Half:
    When Ren gets hold of Stimpy's cloning liquid, he splits into 'Evil Ren' and 'Indifferent Ren.'moreless
  • Hard Times for Haggis

    When Ren and Stimpy come on TV, taking away Haggis McHaggis's timeslot, the Scotsman vows revenge! However, he starts to slowly go insane.

  • Jerry the Bellybutton Elf:
    Stimpy plays with his belly button so much he ends up inside of it and meets an elf named Jerry.

    Road Apples:
    Ren and Stimpy are stranded in the desert so they pretend to be roadkill so that they can get a lift back to civilization.

  • Ren's Retirement
    Episode 7
    Stimpy announces that it's Ren's birthday, and Ren is disappointed when Stimpy tells him that he is now 10 years old (70 in dog years). Ren ages rapidly, becoming a senile old fart and he decides to retire. During a game of golf, Ren decides to begin looking for a coffin. At his funeral, Stimpy decides to move in with Ren in his coffin.moreless
  • 2/19/94
    Jiminy Lummox:
    After concluding that Ren has no conciense, Stimpy lets Ren borrow his concience, played by guitar player Jiminy Lummox.

    Bass Masters:
    Ren and Stimpy are the hosts of a popular fishing show. They set out on a mission to catch the legendary foul mouth Bass, Albert, and Wilber Cobb escapes from prison to come along with them.moreless
  • Lair of the Lummox
    Episode 5
    Ren and Stimpy reprise their role of nature show hosts and go hunting for 'The Lummox'.
  • Stimpy's Cartoon Show
    Stimpy is creating his own cartoon, he lets Ren help him out. He realises Ren doesn't have many talents so let's him work off screen as the show's producer.
  • Ren's Pecs / An Abe Divided
    Ren's Pecs:
    Ren is humiliated by a bully at the beach, so after a creative use of Stimpy's butt fat, he gets himself some big pecs so that he can deal with the bullies.

    An Abe Divided:
    Ren and Stimpy get themselves into trouble when they break the Lincoln Memorial in their quest for treasure.moreless
  • A Yard Too Far / Circus Midgets
    Circus Midgets:
    Ren & Stimpy have been hitch hiking for three years. They finally get a ride...from crazed circus midgets who kidnap various people, because they are in desperate need of an audience.

  • Stimpy cannot evade the constant harrying from the Salve Salesman. He gives in and buys all the Salve for its many uses.Stimpy notices that he is naked and gets embarrassed.
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