The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 1 Episode 3

Space Madness / The Boy Who Cried Rat!

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Aug 25, 1991 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Space Madness:
Commander Hoek & Cadet Stimpy go into Space for a long mission. Commander Hoek is starting to go insane from being in space for so long, but belives that Cadet Stimpy is suffering from that problem--otherwise known as 'Space Madness.'

The Boy Who Cried "Rat!":
Destitute & on the make again looking for the easy life, Ren get up in full mouse drag, complete with Mickey type ears and pants, while Stimpy offers his mouse catching services to husband & wife.moreless

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  • Lost in space. And not that sharp down on Earth, come to think of it.

    This time the boys have really got their collars in a bundle. Their newest trip is to the deepest reaches of the universe.

    Ren is Commander and Stimpy holds the rank of cadet. Somehow, on this 'important' mission, they forgot to think of anything important to do. So the two drift closer and closer to losing it from boredom.

    Hours tick by and Hoek is the first to break down. He drifts in zero gravity and falls victim to the dreaded mental mush of the title.

    Ren comes to believe the rotund, lovable Stimpy is his enemy, out to take his beloved ice cream bar. Screaming, gone round the bend for sure, Ren fights for the tasty dessert and at last clutches it in his paws. His foaming-at-the-mouth monologue is a classic most fans can reel off without breaking a sweat.

    In space, no one can hear you purr.moreless
  • A good episode in the series.

    Space Madness and The Boy Who Cried Rat are two alright episodes in the Ren And Stimpy show series. Space Madness isn't my favorite episode and I don't exactly enjoy the story line very much, although their was a very funny part in this episode that really got me laughing. Space Madness is when Ren And Stimpy are in space and have nothing so Ren basically goes crazy due to boredom. Stimpy tries to calm Ren down by offering a nice bath which Ren accepts, and then Stimpy changes the gravity and Ren is left floating in a block of water in the air, talking to himself, and eating a bar of soap and thinking that it's ice cream. The Boy Who Cried Rat is also an alright episode and in ways funny. Ren and Stimpy are in need of food so Ren dresses up like a mouse and hides in somebody's house. Later on afterwards Stimpy comes by as professional cat and tries to catch Ren for a profit which was all part of their plan. The man does decide to give Stimpy five dollars but he must catch the mouse which he does. Once Ren is in Stimpy's mouth he must try to survive objects such as Stimpy's teeth. The people that live in the house aren't satisfied and they want Stimpy to drink and chew Ren so they know for a fact that he's not coming back out. Stimpy must pull of these stunts because they would suspect something if he didn't do as pleased. Eventaully Stimpy spits Ren out of his mouth and the people find out it was a scam so Ren says to Stimpy to give the people back their five dollars but to Ren's surprise Stimpy was hungry and decided to eat it.moreless

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Stimpy: You are in trouble now, Mr. Rodent!

    • Ren: Come on, Stimpy. He's got us, Stimpy. Give them back his five bucks.
      Stimpy: (crying) I can't! I've been bad, Ren. You'll smack me.
      Ren: When have I ever? Now go ahead. Tell me what's wrong?
      Stimpy: (sniffs) All this talk of eating made me hungry. I ate the five bucks.
      Ren: (slaps Stimpy) You stupid idiot! You filthy worm! You bloated sack!

    • Ren: They think I'm crazy. But I know better. It is not I who am crazy. It is I who am MAD!!

    • Ren: Now listen Cadet, I've got a job for you. See this button? (Stimpy tries to press the button, Ren slaps his hand away) Don't touch it! It's the history eraser button, you fool!
      Stimpy: So what'll happen?
      Ren: That's just it, we don't know. Maybe some bad, maybe something good. I guess we'll never know because you're going to guard it.
      You won't touch it will you? Heh heh. heh.
      Announcer: Oh how long can trust Cadet Stimpy hold out. How can he possibly resist the diabolical urge to push button that could erase his very existence? Will his tortured mind give into its uncontrollable desires? Can he withstand the temptation to push the button that even now beckons him ever closer? Will he succumb to the maddening urge to eradicate history with the mere push of a single button? The beautiful SHINY button. The jolly CANDY-like button. WILL he hold out folks? CAN he hold out?!
      Stimpy: NO I CAN'T! (presses the button)
      Announcer: Tune in next week, as...

    • Male Announcer: All systems go. Prepare for countdown -- 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blast off to adventure in the amazing year 400 billion with Commander Hoek and his faithful companion, Cadet Stimpy, as they roam the endless, uncharted regions of space at speeds so fantastic, they throttle the imagination!

    • Ren: I've had thees ice cream bar since I was a child! People always trying to take eet from me! Why won't they leave me alone?!

    • Ren: (shouting) Do you have to keep tapping like that, you bloated sack of protoplasm?!

    • Ren: Oh my beloved ice cream bar - how I love to like your creamy center! (starts cosuming soap bar) And your oh-so-nutty chocolate covering!

    • Stimpy: E-Easy now.....
      Ren: BACK OFF, MAN!
      (Picks up toothbrush)
      Ren: Don't make me use thees!

  • NOTES (3)

    • This is the first episode co-animated by Carbunkle Productions. Carbunkle is an animation studio in Canada, headed by Bob Jacques, and also with animator Kelly Armstrong who animated the difficult sequence of Ren twisting up like a knotted rope and convulsing in the Stay-Put Socks. This is the studio that John would send his favorite episodes to, rather than Rough Draft Korea animation studios. Eventually in 2002, Carbunkle would animate all Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon episodes.

    • The cat-and-mouse scene of 'The Boy That Cried Rat' was stretched by Nick. Initally, the whole thing was to take place in Stimpy's mouth.

    • A scene from 'Space Madness' involving Ren and Stimpy going back in time to fix history after it was erased, never made it past the storyboards, possibly because it would eat up time.


    • Stimpy's character is based on Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Stimpy even has the title of 'science officer'.

    • The scences in 'The Boy Who Cried Rat', where Stimpy is trying to catch Ren, are a take off of most of the Tom & Jerry cartoons.

    • The title 'The Boy Who Cried Rat' is a reference to the story called The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

    • When Ren was wearing his "mouse" costume, this is an obvious reference to Mickey Mouse, with Ren wearing the pants, buttons, shoes, and Mickey's ear.

    • Ren: You're not like thee others! You like the same theengs I do! Wax paper, thee boiled football leather - DOG BREATH! We're not hitchhiking anymore! We're riding!

      The "You're Not Like the Others" line originates from Night of the Hunter and the "hitchhiking" line originates from the Kirk Douglas film, Champion. Douglas was one of John K.'s favorites.