The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Stimpy's Cartoon Show

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 1994 on Nickelodeon

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  • A bad moon looms on the horizon for "Ren and Stimpy" at this point in their careers.

    One thing I don't get about the people who decided it was a great idea to take "Ren and Stimpy" away from the guy who created it and turn into a 5 ton piece of garbage thought it would also be a great idea to make a brand new character with which absolutely nobody could possibly have any empathy for and try to make a star out of him. I think it's very hypocritical for Nickelodeon to scream at the top of their lungs when John K. had Ren merely threaten Stimpy and Sven Hoek with words, then turn around and have Ren and Stimpy hanging out with a creepy corpse, repeatedly saying the C word, and being way more gross than any children's cartoon should be. At least this show showed Nickelodeon for what it was for turning "Ren and Stimpy" from 24 gold carat comedy to a 16 carat piece of dog poop! Stimpy was a hard cartoon worker just like John K., when Stimpy went to Ren at Nickelodeon, they had no talent and no fans, and yet wanted absolute control over every little thing John K. and Stimpy said and did. And why did John K. and Stimpy put up with this? To emulate the old masters, great animators who took risks like Tex Avery and Chuck Jones among so many others. Yet even though John K. and Stimpy tried to behave, it didn't matter. Nickelodeon still fired John K. and set "Ren and Stimpy" on a gradual but declining course of abysmal declining standards from which they would never recover. Maybe Nickelodeon was jealous of John K., jealous of the fact that John K. thought up of something really great and the Nickelodeon bigwigs hadn't. So when they got rid of John K., they thought it would be easy to replicate John K's sense of style, but they never got why "Ren and Stimpy" was popular, and it was because of John K. It just goes to prove the old saying of "Pride goes before the fall," is true, and it was especially true for "Ren and Stimpy." :O
  • Stimpy makes a cartoo, but Ren bosses him around.

    That's it? That's Stimpy's Cartoon Show?! It was a rip-off! Stimpy's cartoon went better, but this episode made me think that I hate season 3, at the beginning Stimpy got owned! By an angry Ren telling him about how bad cartoons are, I hate his attidude so much since To Slave and Slave Not, yet, another scam to torchure Stimpy! Another moment went worse, Stimpy was owned because all his storyboards got thrown away by Ren after he yelled at Stimpy about... I don't know and I don't care! Stimpy raped up his cartoon, but Ren wasn't happy, but not caring insteed. He's making Stimpy an outrage!! That stupid Ren goes with Stimpy to show the cartoon to Willbur Cobb and Ren doesn't say anything because Will. told them stupid things that R&S didn't need to know. The ending was a real pain too, because Will. ALMOST killed himself with R&S! If this happens again, then I'll have an outrage. This episode was a original SP episode but Games killed it! This shouldn't be Games finiest hour at all. It dosen't deserve a high grade! So I declare this episode lost, FOREVER!

  • What....the.....f@#*

    Okay,hearing the utturence of the word "crap" in a cartoon shocked me.

    The episode itself isn't bad,it's just pretty mean spirited and sort of inappropriate for minors.I liked the episode,just a little shocking to hear crap in a cartoon.

    Ren and Stimpy hit a wrong key on this episode,but the rest (except that creepy skinny dipping episode) of the episodes are down right funny and should not be put down because of the obvious minor viewers' no sense of humor.

    To put it down correct,I give "Stimpy's Cartoon Show" a 5.6/10.Only because I was once again shocked to hear crap.Nothing bad,just a little inappropriate.
  • My personal favourite episode!

    This episode is about Stimpy wanting to become a cartoonist and Ren although telling him how stupid the whole idea is, he really want to be involved but knows he has no tallent. That is when Stimpy appoints Ren to be the producer which he soon would regret after Ren works him like a slave. After the cartoon is completed Stimpy shows it to his idol who is a world renouned cartoonist 'Wilbur Cobb' but he is now a rambling senial old man who has parts of his body randomly fall off.

    To me this is with out a doubt my all time favourite episode...the jokes were always on the mark and often exceptional, it was very well directed, good flow and I loved how the whole episode was in sync with the music....truely great!
  • Cartoon 101 with Wilburt Cobb

    I still enjoyed Stimpy's Cartoon Show for a simple and unique reason; This episode educate the ways for realise a good cartoon. The Stimpy's Short named I Love Pink is sweet and nice. I find sometimes disgusting the appearence of Wilburt Cobb but he's have a potential role of this episode like a informative character.

    This episode also enjoy the character developpement and the relationship between Ren and Stimpy. Because the potential of the synopsis, he's not want bicking or bother but i like that Stimpy say than Ren was the right Director of his own cartoon.

    Stimpy's Cartoon Show was a another enjoyable episode of one of cult-animated series of all-time and also a tribute to the real sense of cartoons
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