The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Stimpy's Cartoon Show

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 1994 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The original airing of this episode had a few additional scenes to the cartoon-making montage, such as Stimpy punching out after a hard day, only for the sun to come back up and for him to re-punch in, along with Ren talking on the phone as producer, briefly stopping to yell at Stimpy carrying supplies, and Ren cutting parts out of Stimpy's film in the editing stage. Originally, Ren tearing down the storyboards was after Stimpy's lunch break and before he needed to get a new pencil; future airings would move this to after the pencil/paper-obtaining sequence. The music mixing was also changed, and some additional sound effects were added as well. The re-edited Nickelodeon version was also used when the episode was released on DVD.

    • Wilbur Cobb was originally called Raymond Spum (after the name John K. used for the director in 'Nurse Stimpy'). Wilbur Cobb is named after notorious Nick story editor, Will McRobb.

    • Although Stimpy doesn't know it, he says that cartoons go through 1000 frames per second. However, in reality most cartoons go 12 frames per second for regular motion, and 24 frames per second (the standard film fps) for fast or realistic movement. However, video and computer technology can now make a cartoon's rate be 29 to 30 frames per second (in North America and Japan) or 25 frames per second (other continents and regions).

  • Quotes

    • Poopy: Ok, Explodey. I'm ready for my kiss now.
      Explodey: I have to throw up now, Poopy.
      Poopy: Ok, Explodey. I don't mind waiting.
      (a card saying, '23 Years Later' appears on-screen)

    • Poopie: (shouting) Oh my god, Explody! It's Peg-Pelvis Pete come to kill us!

    • W. Cobb: We spent hundreds of millions of hours and dollars on that film, and it was a lotta, buncha cra... a, a whole buncha cr... a lotta...
      Stimpy: Uh...crap?
      W. Cobb: No! Walter Lantz! No-account son of a...bus driver!

  • Notes

    • Writer, Ron Hauge, personally animated Stimpy's cartoon himself.

    • Featured Music:
      'Warner-Pathe Newsreel'
      'Stars and Stripes Forever'
      'Pomp and Circumstance'
      'Ode to Joy'
      'Peter and the Wolf'

    • Wilbur Cobb was originally named Raymond Spum (after the name John K. used for director in "Nurse Stimpy"). Wilbur Cobb is named after notorious Nick story editor, Will McRobb.

    • Wilbur Cobb was originally going to be a rotten hunk of meat with mushrooms, but Nick turned him into a rotten corpse.

  • Allusions

    • In 'I Like Pink', Peg-Pelvis Pete is a parody of Disney's Peg-Leg Pete, whom was Mickey's arch-enemy in the 1930s and Goofy's neighbor on Goof Troop. He lost the peg-leg in the 1940s.

    • W. Cobb: Walter Lantz

      Walter Lantz was the creator and executive producer for the Woody Woodpecker cartoons from 1940-1977.

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