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The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Stimpy's Fan Club

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Mar 24, 1993 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After seeing bunches and bunches of fan mail for Stimpy and none for him, Ren gets very sad, but Stimpy decides to make Ren president of his fan club.

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  • Both good and bad!

    Stimpy's Fan Club is a both good/bad episode but mainly good it's when Ren gets jealous of Stimpy cause he gets more fan mail than he does so Stimpy makes him president but n the night Ren goes all insane and in the morning he is at first happy because he has a fan but is sad to find out Stimpy and cries his eyes out, This episode was both good and bad the parts at the beginning are Ren and Stimpy like it is really good but at the end the writers screwed up they made Ren cry like a big baby and be embarassed in public do the writers really want to do that i'm so disappointed in Spumco for this ep usually there episodes rock but this was both good and bad probably because it was made both by Spumco and Games but i give it a 10 because it was mostly a good episode.moreless
  • I asolutly love this episode!

    This is my favorite episode that i've seen so far. Ren went absolutly crazy in this episode. It was kind of scary how jealouse he got i mean he was going to kill Stimpy. If the mail man hadn't come I don't know what would have happened. When he reads the letter Stimpys just standing there like what. It was so incredably funny Stimpy sent him a letter so that means Ren only has two fans thats the little boy and Stimpy. And Stimpy has like onethousand fans its so funny and duh every one was looking in the window.moreless
  • Stimpy's fan club is dark, and mysterious, and is the best episode of the entire show.

    The ren and stimpy show was the best tv show on nick, even better the Rugrats. Its first two seasons met with critical acclaim for its dark and mysterious humor, and for high quality and fast paced animation. With an ultamite show, comes an ultamite episode. I saw this episode on Spiketv, and it was hilarious. Ren's best act comes here, in the scene where he threatens to kill a sleeping Stimpy, because he is jealous of his fan club, and starts to be insanse. However, towards the end of the episode, when Stimpy writes him a letter, he feels ashamed of how he treated Stimpy, and cries into his belly. One of John K's last genuises before he left before season 3 was in this dark episode, with creepy, disturbing music. It gets light at the beggining, but in the bed scene, it suddenly gets darker, creppier, more disturbing, more frightning, so scary, you can't believe it's a Nickelodeon show. Still, with awesome lines like "They think he's a god! But he's as mortal as we." and "Just one...quick..TWIST!! And it's over!" you'll know this episode is a masterpiece. The humor is darker then any other kind of episode before this. And yes, Ren was voiced by John K (he has the bald skin from the Spumco episodes, hinting that this was made by John K before he got fired). The animation is stunning, yet so very clean and amazing, close-ups of Ren look amazing. Ultamitly, it makes Rugrats look like poop!! The movements, the close-ups, the timing, perfect. Yet, those who watch this look for the satisfying humor that's in Stimpy's Fan club. There is, but look at the visuals, there's a reason for acclaim.

    The music is dead on. The disturbing piano music is amazing. The voice talents are dead on as well. There's so many chorus and so many talenting voicing by Billy West (Stimpy) and John K (creator and voice of Ren Hoek during the 1st season and 2nd season), it's impossible to not reconize them. Alll of the first 18 ren and stimpy episodes (seasons 1 and 2) including the pilot and this, ruled.

    The camera gets a great look at how amazing the episode is. The scrolling, the timing, how beautiful it is. Then, it gets better. The camera gets more mysterious, the close0up shots are perfect, the movement is flawless. The camera is innovative and immersive, heck it's awesome.

    Conclusion: Stimpy's Fan Club is dark and mysterious, and is the best episode of the entire show. You'll definitly love this even if you are a Ren & Stimpy fan or not. Ren's dark mysterious and insane humor once again comes, this time more dark, mysterious, and insane. With his humor, it's impossible to hate him. The voicing is so perfect, and the music is incredible. The camera is dead on with many drastic situations, that it's perfect to say that it's flawless. The visuals are incredible, and, without a doubt, the best of season 2. Overall, Stimpy's Fan Club is something you must see, with or without the likes of Ren & Stimpy.moreless
  • When Stimpy receives stacks of fanmail, and Ren receives none, he feels jealous and unloved. To make him feel better, Stimpy lets Ren be the president of his fan club.

    This one probably isnt high on many Ren and Stimpy fans' lists, as one of their favourite episodes, but its certainly on mine. This episode sums up everything that is good about Ren and Stimpy. A bizarre storyline, based on an everyday thing, like the arrival of the mailman, gradually getting weirder, before Ren makes an ass of himself, and Stimpy forgives all!

    When Stimpy receives a ton of fanmail, and nobody loves Ren, he tries his usual tough guy thing, and ends up crying his eyes out, as usual! Stimpy makes his friend president of his fan club as a favour, but the jealousy drives Ren mad, to the point he sabotages Stimpy's mail, only to find that the next morning, Ren is the only one to receive fan mail, and that came from a teary eyed Stimpy!

    This episode shows all sides of Ren's character, the insane anger, the jealousy, the gloating, the self-humiliation, and his softy side, and all the while Stimpy remains unswervingly loyal and loving to his friend, no matter how vile he is to him!moreless

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