The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 2 Episode 4

Svën Höek

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Nov 07, 1992 on Nickelodeon
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Svën Höek
Ren is tired of Stimpy's stupidity, so he decides to invite his smart cousin Svën over the house, which he hasn't seen since they were puppies. When Svën shows up, Ren cannot believe his eyes, but Stimpy seems to get along well with him.

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  • Two Idiots in the Same House

    This is another favorate episode because it has not one dull moment. Swen is sort of a more Swiss version of Stimpy may'be even stupider if you think about the size of his brain. It's hard to believe Swen is related to Ren let alone even a Hoek. Both Stimpy and Swen mix well, however when you mix two idiots with Ren you know it's a bad mix. We see both of them do some random stupid things as well as show some hobbies that are very gross.

    But the best thing about the episode is in it's payoff which is fraking hilarious, when we see Ren come back from work and then lose it big time when he sees his vauable hobbie items have been corrupted (yah, I'd probably lose it if my anime DVD collection was vandalized.). I just knew when Swen and Stimpy messed around with his things they were both doomed. Then Ren delivers monalogue to the two which was both blackly funny but also a little scary, but all comes down to the big payoff which is the board game "Don't Wiz on the Electric Fence". It's got to be the daftest board game I've every heard of, man I'm still not sure what the rules of that game are; is the objective to go over or around the fence safely, make sure not land on a deadly space that says you wiz on the fence. I don't know and on a sidenote normally if you wized on an electric fence sparks would fly. But Ren does just that, the house explodes, then all three of them go straight to Hell. Comic Gold.moreless
  • My new favorite episode

    I know I said "Stimpy's Invention" was my favorite episode, but I just saw tis, and this surpasses even that episode. In it, Ren's cousin, Sven, comes for a visit, and Ren believes he is smart, but he is really as dumb as Stimpy if not dumber. This episode was hilarious to have 2 idiot characters in the same house with Ren, causing chaos. But what was perfect was the dark ending, how Ren tells them how he's going to kill them, which is actually in full depth, and then to make it worse he pees on the electric fence from their game "Don't wizz on the Electric Fence" (weirdest game ever, yes) and then gets them all sent to hell. A must-watch indeed. A+moreless
  • One of the best episodes made

    Ren tired for Stimpy's stupidity can't wait the arrival of his cousin Sven because he wishes to have an interlectual conversation for once....however this was a short lived fantasy for upon Sven's arrival he turns out stupider then Stimpy. While Ren goes to work Sven and Stimpy ingage in childish games which result in the damage in many of Ren's most prized possessions. When Ren gets back he has one of his largest anger spells even seen on the show.

    I place this episode amoung my all time favourite episodes...with good jokes, mostly clean animation and a great climax...this is without a doubt one of the greats.moreless
  • One of the best I've seen.

    I found this episode to be very funny, and I liked the plot very much. I watched it multiple times and it keeps getting better like other Ren and Stimpy episodes usually get. Sven was a hilarious character and the creators went all out with the lines throughout this episode. This is without any doubt a very classical episode. Although this episode is not my most favorite, it is up there with other great ones. When I think of this show this is an episode that comes to my mind, basically because of Sven and the funny things that happen. I love seeing a great show and a great episode in the same place. Ren and Stimpy are once again fantastic.moreless
  • Stimpy has found his equal in Ren\'s cousin.

    This is definitely a favorite of mine among this season. Who would have thought that out of everyone that Stimpy could find a friend in, that it would have been a relative of Ren? The episode really is a great thing to watch because not only does Ren have one idiot to deal with, now he has two. Stimpy and Sven are so much alike, they could be related! This episode also features the infamous song, don\'t whiz on the electric fence. If you see no other episodes of this series, then this is one to see. Great stuff indeedmoreless

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    • The opening credit sequence with the German man playing the accordion was added in post-production by Nickelodeon after they finished editing the episode.

    • 'Don't Wizz on the Electric Fence' was supposed to be 'Don't Pee on the Electric Fence', but Nick censors wanted it changed to 'Wizz'.

    • Three versions of 'Sven Hoek' were produced. The first was the completed Spumco version without Bob Camp, the second was Nick's first version with Bob Camp, and the last was Nick's second version rescored. A fourth version exists on the Ren and Stimpy Uncut DVD which features Bob Camp in the opening titles, but the rest of it is the completed Spumco version (complete with the circus scene intact).