The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 5 Episode 9

Terminal Stimpy / Pen Pals

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 31, 1996 on Nickelodeon

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  • Terminal Stimpy- Stimpy realizes he only has 2 lifes left. Pen Pals- Ren and Stimpy sees that a live in prison is better than theirs,so they try to get in jail.

    Terminal Stimpy is a verry funny.One part shows how Stimpy lost his 7 lives, ranging from getting shot by mexican exacutioners to getting hit by a bus. The funniest part of the episode is when Stimpy goes through the Five Stages of
    Acceptance. He finally accepts death and then Ren lights a cupcake to celebrate but the gas pipes are leaking. When Ren lights the match, they both die in an explosion.

    Pen Pals is an alright episode.There wasn't really any rememberable parts.It is often repetitive with Ren and Stimpy try to break into the prison.In the end Ren and Stimpy get arrested for destroying the prison, but they have to share a cell with a really fat guy.
  • Terminal Stimpy: Stimpy can't bear to accept the fact that he is dying.

    This episode really does a good job of painting Ren how I think he was intended to be, a selfish friend to Stimpy. This leads to funnier interactions with Stimpy and keeps with the character Ren should always be. Examples include his disregard for Stimpy being on his last life and sending him to light the furnace which could only lead to danger. This episode really does a good job of setting really psycotic scenes that have a dark comedy to them such as when Stimpy arrives home after being out all night and responds to Ren's interrogation of him with telling Ren he went on a journey down the treacherous carcass strewn avenue of dispair. Thats funny in a sick sort of way... that's why i watch this show!!!
  • Terminal Stimpy: Stimpy losses 8 of his 9 lives. Pen Pals: Ren and Stimpy tries to get in prison.

    These episodes were horrible, read my review and you might agree with me.

    Terminal Stimpy: Almost everything in this episode was terrible, and this was also boring. Some mistakes I think I found, it's a case of death, Ren was out of character, the jokes were bad, and also I actually hate it when Ren says nonsence stuff. The plot seemed to take a vacation because after Ren says accept it {POW!} the episode gets off-topic and almost like your about to enter a episode of HHPAY until you relize, you've been straight off the episode. The ending tried to get the main plot back but fails.

    Pen Pals: This is NOT about pen pals! It's about jail! It was boring! Few months later, I saw this episode and turned out to be the bottom of the barrel. It was a very bad idea to let the police not let Ren and Stimpy get in jail and blow them up, it was really bad, at least I like HHPAY than this piece of garbage (I mean the episode).

    I'm not sure if these episode goes together because it's a bad parring