The Ren & Stimpy Show

Season 5 Episode 9

Terminal Stimpy / Pen Pals

Aired Sunday 11:30 PM Oct 31, 1996 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Causes of Stimpy's deaths in 'Terminal Stimpy': he is ground to pieces, shot, drowned, struck by lightning, swallowed by a boa constrictor, hit by a bus (twice), flattened by waste dropped from a jet plane, and blown to bits (with Ren).

    • Stimpy's obituary reads 'Stimpleton Cadogen Hit by bus!!! Remains missing! Police Baffled, Born in 1927, Stimpleton "Stimpy" J. Cat had risen the corporate ladder to heights previously unabtainable by filthy street vermin.'

    • Stimpy's obituary gets his name wrong--it's written "Stimpleton Cadoogan". It should be "Stimpson J. Cat" or perhaps "Stimpson Kadugan", right?

  • Quotes

    • (Stimpy comes through the door after being out all night)
      Stimpy: Oh Ren, I'm home.
      Ren: And just where have you been? I was up all night sleeping like a baby worrying about you!
      Stimpy: Oh I've just been on a perilous journey down the treacherous carcass strewn avenue of dispair.

    • (Ren and Stimpy go over Stimpy's possesions for the last will)
      Stimpy: Hmmmm, um hmm.
      Ren: C'mon man what do I get what do I get?
      Stimpy: Well Ren you get the Armoir, Ottoman, Hassic, Curial Cabinet, the Duvee, the Divan, the Davenport, and the Hepawhite.
      Ren: Wait a minute, what about the Chiffarobe?
      Stimpy: Well if you want the Chffarobe you have to trade me the Hasic and the Ottoman for it.
      Ren: Whattya mean, man? I called dibs on the Chiffarobe!
      Stimpy: Hmmm, tell ya what, you give me the Armoir, the Hepawhite, and 12 bucks.
      Ren: 12 bucks? How 'bout I give you the Armoir, the Hepawhite and a shot in the mouth!
      Stimpy: Deal!

    • (Stimpy walks on tissues he laid as he enters the kitchen to see Ren eating a sandwich)
      Stimpy: Ren! Whattya trying to do? You can't eat out of the trash! There's germs everywhere! I could get a disease!
      Ren: What are you talking about? This sandwich is fresh. I just made it last week. (cut to a close up of the sandwich as bugs crawl out of it)

    • (Stimpy walks aimlessly through the city as he contemplates his situation)
      Stimpy: Only one life to live. What do I've got left? 80, 90 years? I gotta be careful. Sudden instant death lurks around every corner. Germs, bacteria, buses, pink chickens, ex-girlfriends!

    • Ren: I've got news for ya pal, you've only got two lives left and if you buy the farm that means I've got to do all the chores. We don't want that now do we?
      (Stimpy gives a blank stare)
      Ren: Now be an imbecile and go light the furnace so I can take my bath.

    • (Stimpy loses his 8th life and Ren tries to warn him)
      Ren: You know you oughta be more careful, all this dying might be bad for your health!

    • (Stimpy crawls towards Ren who is reading the newspaper)
      Stimpy: What a night... I feel like I got hit by a bus.
      Ren: Funny you should say that, according to the obituaries, you were!

  • Notes

    • 'Terminal Stimpy' aired on Spike (Apr 5) along with the short 'Rev. Jack Cheese' instead of 'Pen Pals'.

  • Allusions

    • Stimpy mentioning that looking at death (actually a dying Muddy Mudskipper) right in the eye and saying it "smelled like cheap cigars" could possibly be a reference to an old animated segment from Sesame Street entitled 'The Alligator King', featuring a scene with a young gator giving seven perfume bottles to the Alligator King, but they smell like cheap cigars, grossing out the King. This skit debuted in 1971 and is still sometimes rerun today.